Mets Need: To Bring Back Billy Beane As Mets New GM

Keith BennettCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2010

OAKLAND, CA - JANUARY 26:  General manager Billy Beane (L) of the Oakland Athletics listens to Frank Thomas speak during a press conference, after Thomas signed a one-year contract with the team, at McAfee Coliseum on January 26, 2006 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

On monday the New York Mets are turning in a new direction. Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel are goners in the Mets organization. The right man for the GM job is former Mets farmhand Billy Beane. Beane is a former Major League Baseball player and the current general manager and minority owner of the Oakland Athletics. Beane was the Mets 23rd overall pick in the 1980 Major League Baseball Draft. The Mets were enamored with Beane's talent and had three other first round picks, allowing to risk Beane not signing. Beane decided to sign sor $125,000 after a trip to visit the Mets clubhouse. Darryl Strawberry was one of those top picks. Beane Struggled and, unaccustomed to failure, he was unable to make the adjustments that were necessary when playing tougher competition. Beane excelled at baseball, football and basketball, but gave football to avoid an injury that could prematurely end his baseball career. Billy Beane has been call a genius, He will be compared, as before mastermind of the St. Louis Cardinals and the Brooklyn Dodgers of seasons past. Some will predict his inevitable Beane, it will be said, has changed the baseball world forever. More accurately, Beane has discovered a way to suceed in a sport already changed. He has perfected winning both on the field and in the books.Billy Beane is a guy hnows how to do more with less. Beane is the perfect man for this GM job. The Wilpons should show him the money, he will leave the A's in a heartbeat. Then he back where he started as a New York Met.