Mick Foley Does Interview With Joey Styles at WWE.com?!

John KindelanAnalyst IIIOctober 1, 2010

Something very strange is happening right now.

Mick Foley's image is now up at both www.tnawrestling.com, the company he works for, and www.wwe.com, the company he left and has been bad-mouthing over at his new job.

Not only does Foley do an interview with Joey Styles over at wwe.com (http://www.wwe.com/inside/news/countdownwithfoleypage1), but in the interview, he states that he believes it was Vince's idea to promote Foley's book on Monday Night Raw and the WWE website.

The interview is in regards to Foley's new book, Countdown to Lockdown, which is in bookstores now. The site lists Foley as a WWE alumnus and asks him some questions about his latest memoirs, his fourth in regards to the subject.

Styles asks Foley questions in regards to his departure, and in no way is it sugar-coated to paint the WWE or Vince in a good light. Foley tells of the badgering that took place when he was a commentator and how Vince behaves through the "magic headsets."

The end of the article lists two sites for you to keep up with Mick Foley:

"For more about Mick Foley and Countdown to Lockdown, follow him on the Web atmickfoley.typepad.com, or onTwitter.com/realmickfoley . Thanks, and have a nice day!"

Now we have seen that Vince never even acknowledges TNA in any way shape or form, and there have been articles on here on how Vince and the WWE are a bad company because if you go work for TNA they act as though you don't exist, so if that's the case, why put Foley on the website?

Of course in the interview they make no acknowledgements to TNA and his new career, but this interview happening at Vince's request as Foley states in the interview is "surreal."