WWE Hell in a Cell: Looking Back at Some Classic Hell in a Cell Moments

Elson KakaireContributor IIIOctober 1, 2010

Classic Or "Vintage" Hell in a Cell Moments

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    Hey there Bleacher Report readers. With Hell in A Cell fast approaching I think that it is only fitting that I provide everyone with a look back at all the classic Hell in A Cell moments.  This countdown is won’t be in order of my favourite moments but it will be chronological  

    So let’s begin with the first ever Hell in a Cell match.

Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels Badd Blood

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    Who could forget this one? Shawn Michaels and Undertaker put on a good match for the first ever hell in a cell match. For much of this 30 minute match (something that doesn't happen anymore) Shawn Michaels for the most part got dominated by Taker as many people predicted before the match.

    However weeks leading up to this match Paul Bearer kept telling Taker that “he’s coming”. I don’t know about everyone else but I was confused as to what Paul was talking about until Paul Bearer told us all that the person who was coming was Undertaker’s baby brother Kane who Taker thought to be dead.

    Nobody really knew if Kane was actually going to show up, but then at the climax of this match and with Undertaker looking like he was about to make Shawn Michaels rest in peace, the lights went out Ala Undertaker. What was about to happen? One of the most memorable debuts in WWE history...

Undertaker Vs Mankind King Of The Ring 1998

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    I’m sure everybody can guess what moment I have decided to showcase from this match. This moment turned Mankind into a living legend. On the other hand Undertaker will tell everyone that he made Mick Foley famous.

    This match that took place at King of the Ring was the first match where superstars would leave the confines of the cage during the match. Undertaker and Mankind scaled the cell with a couple of close encounters for both men until Undertaker took the upper hand and then came what is probably the most memorable moments in Hell in a Cell history.

    Actually it is probably one of the most memorable moments of the attitude era.


Undertaker Vs Big Bossman Wrestlemania 15

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    In the first and only Hell in a Cell match to be showcased at a Wrestlemania, The Undertaker not only added another legend to his list of Wrestlemania victims but he also added to his list another person who he has made famous in a Hell in a Cell match.

    After The Undertaker won the match, nobody in the arena would have foreseen the shocking moment which would come next. I actually think it was a cool moment when... Nah I won't ruin this moment for the people who can't remember what exactly happened.

Triple H Vs Cactus Jack

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    Other than The Undertaker, Triple H has been in the most Hell in a Cell matches and this was the first time that The Game stepped in to play in Satan's playground. This was Mick Foley's second match in this structure and was considered to have the advantage having known what it was like inside here. This match probably helped solidify Triple H as a big time player in the WWE.

    This match was important as both men were putting something on the line. Triple H was defending his world title just a month before potentially headlining Wrestlemania while Mick Foley had agreed to put his career on the line.

    Halfway through this match Cactus Jack did something that lit up the faces of the WWE universe and it also lit up Triple H's face.. Literary. With the odds stacked against The Game he had to think on instincts and its these instincts that probably saved his title and his career.

Amageddon Six Man Hell in a Cell 2000

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    At the time these were the six biggest names in the WWE. Stone Cold, Undertaker, Triple H and The Rock had already solidified themselves as big draws in the WWE while Kurt Angle was on his way to doing the same as he was the current WWE  champion at the time and never before had he faced such a challenge.Rikishi however seemed to be on his way to the top having the push as he was the man that ran over Stone Cold Steve Austin at Triple H's request.

    In the build up to the match Taker promised that one of the five men in that match would be made famous and I'm sure each of the five men were praying that it wasn't them. At some point in this match, all six superstars were on top of the cage and all were probably fearing they would be made famous. Four of these stars had enough sense to get off the cage and it was Rikishi who was left up there with Undertaker. The rest is history.

Triple H Vs Shawn Michaels Badd Blood 2004

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    Probably the best ever Hell in a Cell match which lasted nearly 50 minutes long. The build up for this match was not let down by the quality of the match either. This match wasn't for a title and it the winner of this match was not gonna become the number one contender either.

    These two men knew that their long running feud had to end and it happened in this epic match. Both men were familiar with the demonic structure. Shawn Michaels won the first ever Hell in a Cell match while Triple H had won the most Hell in a Cell matches.

    Although there wasn't a memorable moment in the match, I put it in here because the match was so good that I couldn't leave it out. The video is of the promo of this match but I advise everybody to watch this match when they have the chance to.

DX Vs The McMahons and Big Show 2006 Unforgiven

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    For months Shawn Michaels had to deal with the abuse of the Mcmahons to the point where they would even get The Game involved as a sort of hitman for hire. Should he do what Vince says then he'll get a title shot. The title shot never came and Triple H became disgruntled with this arrangement and eventually sided with his long-time rival and former friend HBK.

    Vince was not happy about this and enlisted the services of the Big Show to help put an end to this DX reunion before it got started by having a 3 on 2 handicap match. This match will be remembered for one thing and one thing only however. Vince Mcmahon became a member of a very exclusive club.

Batista Vs The Undertaker Survivor Series 2007

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    During the summer of 2007 The Undertaker and Batista had an epic feud which seemed to be even with the pair of them sharing a couple draws during this feud. It started when The Undertaker beat Batista at Wrestlemania and it seemed that this had to be their last battle for the title.

    The match didn't disappoint as it was another epic battle and it seemed like the two were evenly matched once again. Just when it seemed like The Undertaker was going to win this match he was the victim of deja-vu. Much like the first Hell in a Cell match, The Undertaker fell prey to outside interference.

What Will Happen Sunday Night?

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    With there currently being two Hell in a Cell matches scheduled, will we see another shocking moment? Will the Undertaker make Kane famous? Well what we do know is that past Hell in a Cell matches have given us so many memories which is why it eventually received its very own PPV.

    I hope you guys have enjoyed my list of memorable Hell in a Cell moments and hopefully it has got everybody anticipating what will happen come Sunday night.

    Will John Cena join the Nexus?

    With Paul Bearer by his side can The Undertaker defeat Kane?

    Will The Miz use this night to cash in his MITB on either Sheamus or Randy Orton after they both go through hell?

    Only time will tell