Open Mic: The Olympics Are Still Boring (For The Most Part)

Michael MulraneyCorrespondent IAugust 15, 2008

Yea that's right I am bored by most of the Olympics.  Outside of checking the basketball scores and looking for a Phelps update it's pretty boring.

Should I be on pins and needles for gymnastics.  No I should be watching late night baseball.  I don't know whether or not it's been that the Phils are on a West Coast Trip or whether or not they're just boring.  I mean I check the medal counts and Phelps but that's it.

Sure Michael Phelps is exciting for some but I can't watch swimming I just wait for the results on the ESPN bottomline.  Mainly because the Phils are on commercial and Baseball Tonite is on.  When I wake up I can't find the basketball team playing so I just wait for a final and see the score. 

Should I see a great rivalry between the US and China?  I mean China has over a billion people to choose from athletically and the use their people to produce athletes.  So they're bound to have some athletes. 

Who cares about archery?  Who cares about indoor volleyball?  Sure people train there whole lives for this but your sports aren't marketable.  Sure I feel great that the US has won so many medals but there are so many sports that I'm just not interested in.  So I can't get into them.

I just feel like the Olympics are boring.  But that's just me.