Rebuilding The Team?- Leafs Fans Should Be Unsatisfied

Laine Brown Contributor IAugust 15, 2008

Cliff Fletcher seems to have Leaf fans thinking that he is rebuilding the team. My opinion is he has made the team lesser of what they were before.

 Bringing in Curtis Joesph was a mistake. Yes Cujo is a fan Favourite, he can still play in a back up roll, but he is way to old to put on a team that is trying to rebuild. On the bright side he does have that veteran presence, witch will help Toskala. His price tag is'nt to high either.

Jeff Finger, this signing is not worth the money. No matter how well he plays in this season he is not worth 3.5 million, hes in his second NHL season What is Fletcher Thinking? Yes MaCcabe and another unnamed leaf player are report-ably being traded to the Panthers for Mike Van Ryn and another unnamed Panthers player. I'm happy MCcabe is gone, Van ryn has not really done anything with the panthers, i say this because he has been injured most of the time. But a Fresh start in T.O could be just what he needs. Fetcher also needs to find a way to get rid of kubina.

Niklas Hagman is another shaky signing, his last two seasons have been break out seasons, but the seasons before his goal totals are low. Good sighing but it might not be at the right price. I also think that Jason Blake should get another shot here, and if he has not proved that he is worth his money, they should sell him at the deadline for a draft pick or two.

The Leafs are also heading into training camp without a number one center. I think its time that we move on from Mats Sundin and find a young center either through the draft or a trade. Possibly Steve Weiss from the Panthers would be a good fit.

All in all I think that the Leafs need a number one center, one or two scoreing wingers and one solid two way defence man.