Dolph Ziggler: A Perfectionist Good Guy for the WWE?

Micheal RobinsonSenior Analyst IIOctober 1, 2010

This week, WWE Smackdown comes to us live, not taped as usual, on a new network, SyFy.

Alberto Del Rio will be looking for someone else to pick on and maybe this person could be wearing some gold—Intercontinental Championship gold to be more specific.

With Dolph Ziggler and Vicki Guerrero looking like they could go their separate ways, a Del Rio attack on Ziggler could set up a match at Hell In A Cell.

Back in August, Ziggler defeated Kofi Kingston to win the Intercontinental Championship, since then he defended it on Kingston's rematch clause at Night Of Champions and retained.

Ziggler has come a long way in the WWE since the days of being "Nicky" in the Spirit Squad and violating WWE's Wellness Policy.

A face turn could be a good thing for Ziggler and Smackdown.

With the recent loss of Christian, Smackdown is in need of another good guy and Ziggler could be fitting for that role.

He has been a bad guy ever since he joined the WWE in 2006.  After he return from developmental wrestling in 2008, he remained in his heel role.

The three-time All-Mid American Champion from Kent State could be your next favorite wrestler, if he isn't already.

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