Wrigley Wasteland

Bullpen BrianCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2010

I rode past Wrigley Field this afternoon on the Red Line.
The place looked like a graveyard, which it was for most of the season.

I know next week I’ll be thinking in unison with Cubs Nation when I ride by.
The Cubs should be playing this week, battling the Phils or Giants for a trip to the NLCS.

Instead, we’ll be gearing up for the offseason, trying to figure out answers to the many questions that kept the Cubs from postseason play.

Who will manage the team? Who’s on first? What about the bullpen?

Wrigley, of course, will be covered in snow by the time it all comes to fruition.

The 2011 postseason is far off, but I can’t help but to imagine Waveland & Sheffield jammed packed.

I’d watch the games from the ‘L’ if I had to.