Christian Has To Be the New Raw General Manager!

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2010

This isn't fact, just an assumption. I was reading an article by Brandel Littlejohn about Edge taking out the computer and I started reading the comments. CM Punk was mentioned, so was Zach Ryder and even Vern Troyer.

All of this made me think and I got the answer. It has to be Christian.

Just think about it. He just got hurt. It was for real, but what if it wasn't? Did anybody actually see him getting operated on? The WWE has got to know how this all works; someone gets hurt and within five minutes it is all over the web. So what if they set it up?

Edge is another reason. What is the one feud we all want to see? Yes, Edge vs. Christian. Christian is on a different show, so he could have easily had the laptop ready while Raw was going on. Another wrestler is Chris Jericho. Anybody remember a certain diva named Trish? All of these are great reasons why Christian could be a highly possible contender as Raw's new GM.

Now think about all the sayings. There were some from Stone Cold, Roddy Piper, and a few others I believe. Remember when Christian and The Rock were good buddies? Christian got most of his sayings from him, the people, the peeps.

So now what about not hating Sheamus and hating Bret Hart? I have a reason for one, but not the other. Hating Bret Hart could be because Christian wants to be known as the best Canadian wrestler of all time. I am still thinking about Sheamus. I know they had their run-in at the end of ECW, but I am still not getting it.

So what do you guys think? Is it possible that Captain Charisma will be Captain of Raw?