5 Guys That Should Be WWE Main Eventers In The Next Decade

Ren DominguezContributor IOctober 1, 2010

5 Guys That Should Be WWE Main Eventers In The Next Decade

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    With the lack of depth in the main event nowadays (and the retirement of many current main eventers in the next coming years), WWE needs to start developing more main event stars that will replace the others with one (or two) feet out the door (I'm looking at you 'Taker, Mysterio, Edge, Jericho and HHH). Now we all know these guys won't be around forever, and with all the same guys in the main events for Raw and Smackdown (with the exception of Sheamus whose solidified himself as an official main eventer), the programming has become very stale, boring and predictable. With the so-called "Youth Movement" in full effect, it looks like McMahon and company are beginning to start pushing unknowns to knowns and mid-carders to potential main event superstars for the coming years. It's time to fill in the gaps where need be, but fill them with the right people. With 2010 in full swing and the decade of the 2000's behind us, it's time to expose some fresh meat to the guys who battle for the top prize. The next 5 guys are superstars I personally feel should be main eventing with the WWE in the next decade.

Kofi Kingston

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    First up, the leader of the boom squad himself, Kofi Kingston.

    Now Kingston has ran through the whole lot of mid-carders in the past 2 years, and has done it with poise, charisma, a great move set, and of course, with clean wins. He's the perfect candidate to becoming the next big babyface for the company....if they would ever pull the trigger.

    After a successful reign with the US title, an attempt was made to give Kingston a shot at a taste of the glory by putting him with none other than my boy, Randy Orton. When WWE finally had him drop that ridiculous Jamaican accent, he was able to cut real promos. He could show more depth to his character and get the fans really behind him. Then, out of left field, WWE creative involved Kingston in Orton's business and gave way to a new, refreshing feud between the two. Once Kingston finished bashing in Randy's NASCAR vehicle, a new star was finally born...but that was not to be.

    With a botched finish to a match between the two, Orton went to management and thus stalled, and eventually ended, the momentum and path to the main event scene for the West African native. This is one instant where I resented Randy Orton, because he ended the chance of seeing a fresh face in the main event...for now anyway.

    Everything happens for a reason tho, as I always say.

    Perhaps this was to happen because there is another better opportunity lying for Kofi down the road. With decent mic skills and an arsenal of amazing moves, maybe there will Trouble in Paradise very soon for main event in WWE. I personally feel Kingston needs a little more time to marinate by perfecting his abilities on the mic and understanding ring psychology a bit better by telling a more compelling story in the ring rather than just flying through the skies and throwing a spinning kick here or there. The future is bright for Kofi Kingston. Lets just hope that he continues to grow and progress. Perhaps a much anticipated feud with CM Punk will do the trick?

Alberto Del Rio

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    Next up is the Mexican sensation, the hispanic JBL, none other than Alberto Del RRRRRio.

    Since he burst onto the scene a few weeks ago, he has been on a hell of a roll. I mean, taking out Rey Mysterio right off the heels of his 2nd World title reign (albeit a short and unmemorable reign, but still a world title reign nonetheless) and Christian a few weeks later really shows how much faith the WWE has in this guy. I was honestly impressed with the way he debuted on Smackdown. They sure made it a big deal, and it was booked that way for a reason, as Del Rio is being groomed to be Mysterio's replacement once he's ready to hang up the boots (which seems to be within the next year or so). From what I've seen thus-far of the former Dos Caras, Jr., I can honestly say I'm already beginning to take him seriously as a future main eventer and future World Champion. If the powers that be in the WWE continue to book Del Rio in such a matter, then I can see him becoming a champion much sooner than later. From what I heard, he's been somewhat of a pain backstage and complaining about having to do a gimmick that isn't his Mexican famed Dos Caras.

    But honestly, even he didn't change his gimmick, there would only be so much he could do as a fan favorite Dos Caras in the WWE. Sure, he would probably bring along with him fans from the mother land, but that wouldn't be enough. His promos would be different, his in ring work would probably be a lot more high flying like his counterpart Rey Mysterio. Heck, he would probably just be a taller, more muscular version of Rey Mysterio, and the reason Rey's gimmick has worked so well is because hes playing the underdog role, and is a joy to see flying around the ring against big monsters. Seeing Del Rio do the same as Dos Caras just wouldn't work.

    So I'm glad hes at where he is right now, and the way the WWE is pushing him to the moon, he should be more than gracious they are do so since there's a long line of other superstars glad to take his place.

    Del Rio also has a bright future ahead of him (possibly a lot brighter than Kofi from the way things are going). And rumor has it Del Rio will eventually go face and be the next big Hispanic star for the WWE. So he must impress in his current role as heel to move on up to a main eventing babyface. I'm rooting for him, as he has all the things the WWE is looking for in "the whole package" type of wrestler. I see him main eventing in the next coming year. What do you think?

John Morrison

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    The next guy on the list is the ever popular IWC favorite, John "I used to be Nitro" Morrison.

    There's a lot of things to say about this guy, and I'll probably save it for an article on another day. But John Morrison is honestly one of my favorite wrestlers in the WWE. Regardless of how well or badly they book him, I'll always enjoy a nice Morrison match. As a heel, he had all the abilities to be a big star. And as a face, he was beginning to strap that rocket that would fly him to the moon. But as 2009 came to a close, it seemed the WWE dropped the ball with him. 

    I honestly can't say many negative things about the guy, but I will point out the two main ones.

    1.) Mic Skills

    We all know when he was a heel, he would cut very cheesy promos. But they were still a hell of a lot better than the promos he cut as a face. Right now, I think when it comes to doing face promos, Morrison seems nervous and uncomfortable. He doesn't come off as a real threat to anyone when he talks. In the ring is another story. There is no real depth to Morrison's promos, but WWE (especially recently) has been able to cover that up with the way they've been booking his segments backstage and in the ring (and a few wins over Jericho definitely helps). I think it's time for John to suck it up, take a few acting classes, and show us the same enthusiasm on the mic as he does in a match.

    2.) Ring Psychology

    Then there's the fact that, much like Kingston, Morrison lacks a bit in telling a story in the ring. Now, he does better than Kingston, but it sure needs to be improved on if he wants to enter main event territory. He relies heavily on his big spots in the ring, to the point where all we do is expect what next big move he will do next rather than emotion behind the match itself.

    Now with that out of the way, I'd like to say that Morrison has a lot of potential, and the WWE has tried to push him up high on the card and drop him back down more times than The Great Khali has delivered a bad match. But there is much promise in him, and remember, hes only 30 years old, which means if he continues to take care of his body and stay injury free, there's more than enough time to give this guy a full fledged push that will stick him in the main event for good. I know I'm not the only one rooting for the guy, and not just because the WWE is lacking of big stars, but because he deserves it. Here's hoping that John Morrison will take this current push he's received and roll with it. If the balls being handed to you, the least you can do is deliver one 3 pointer. 

The Miz

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    I'm sure many of you are not surprised to see The Miz on this list. And the only reason he's not #1 is because he WILL be a main event star by the time 2010 ends, or as 2011 begins. 

    I was a Mizfit from the moment he started with the WWE back during his Tough Enough days. I followed him during his time on the reality show "The Real World: Back to New York" when was a scrawny, annoying, ignorant Mike Mizanin cutting Rock-like promos during his confessionals, and through his tenure on the Real World/Road Rules challenges where he began to bulk up and made mentions of training in a wrestling school. But as he made his way from being the Smackdown host, to his time on ECW and then making it to RAW, I knew if he just worked hard enough, he could be something more than a regular mid-carder. As his promos became stronger and less comical, and he turned his character into a serious competitor looking to win some gold by any means necessary, my hopes for Mike Mizanin finally came to fruition. 

    Although The Miz isn't exactly the greatest wrestler in the world (much less WWE), he has paid his dues and is working extremely hard in and out of the ring. Vince McMahon himself has proclaimed The Miz as a future World Champion, which to me means something (and I'm not talking about a storyline based proclamation by the chairman for Drew McIntyre). He's doing a lot of promotion for the company. So much so that he competes with John Cena in that category, and look where that got him *cough* multiple World Championships *cough* *cough*, and he's less than stellar in the squared circle. 

    We all have to admit Miz has come a long way in the ring since he began as a wrestler for the company in 2006. Although it isn't the best move-set, its a growing one that shows a lot of promise and growth. Miz has developed a few signature moves and even given himself a decent finisher (even though its a full nelson version of Jeff Jarrett's Stroke, but hey, at least Jarrett won a few world titles with that move). Miz, much like Morrison, is young still (a tender 29 years of age), and therefore has time to advance his skills in the ring, hopefully in time for his WWE title win (and yes, I do believe he will win the title when he cashes it in. How long he will hold it is still undetermined). Miz has the biggest chance of being a main eventer sooner than later. He's even shown he can hang with the big dogs with the matches he had with Randy Orton and John Cena, respectively.

    But the next guy on this list is the most deserving of being a main eventer and winning a World Championship, and that's why I put him as #1. And it's none other than...


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    Yes, Captain Charisma himself, Christian.

    Since he debuted with the WWE in 1998, he has always performed at a level that would destine him for the main event eventually if he stayed with the company. As time went on, he just became better and better. I even consider him and Edge as my favorite tag team of all time. I find it disrespectful that WWE decided to push Edge so far up the ladder and leave Christian to fend for himself in the mid-card.

    I found his feud with Edge in 2001 for the Intercontinental Championship to be a good one and one that stands out to me as one of the better brother vs brother storylines. He showed much promise here, and found his character development to be unique and worthy to be on the fast track for the main event (or at least upper mid-card/lower main event). 

    He continued to grow as a performer on the mic and in the ring. In fact, he is one of the few wrestlers in the WWE that has never stalled on his ability as a performer overall. 'Til this day, I find him to have one of the best promos in the business, face or heel. He just comes off as so natural and convincing. He can get the crowd completely behind him as a face, or receive great heat as a heel. Even his in ring ability is great. Its very solid, and one that could find itself seamlessly in the main event if it was put in there. Christian is just overall a great wrestler and has certainly paid his dues over the 10 years (take away the few years with TNA) with the company to get where he is. Just for that reason alone (and working as hard as he does), he deserves to be in the main event. Even if he never wins a World Championship, he at least deserves to feud with a few of the biggest names in the company (I'm looking at you every single main eventer in the WWE). Imagine if we saw a real feud between Edge and Christian now? Its one of the few feuds the WWE hasn't cashed in on, and I find it completely ridiculous that McMahon and company hasn't done it yet (Maybe 'Mania next year?).

    But honestly, I feel (and know) the main reason Christian hasn't been given an opportunity to play a part in the main event in the WWE is because of his time in TNA. Forget what you heard about Vince saying he just doesn't see Christian as main event material. That's baloney and you know it. Vince is notorious for not pushing any of the stars he taken away from TNA. I mean, just look at Gail Kim. Just because Christian won a World title there, Vince won't give him a World title in his company. Apparently it will make it look like a TNA star that became a WWE World Champ. But that's just stupid. A great performer is a great performer. Period.

    Christian might never win a world title (in WWE), but he should at least be given an opportunity. He has never had the chance to feud with any big stars. Who knows, he might actually IMPRESS Mr. McMahon! He deserves that at least. And unlike the other guys on this list, Christian is getting older (he's 36 years old now) and I'm sure his career will be winding down in the next few years (future injuries might even make his returns longer and tougher for him to compete like he did before). I'm not saying throw the WWE title on him (although if he won a MITB briefcase and he cashed it in, I would be all for it), but at least give him an opportunity to prove himself. He had a nice lengthy ECW title run, and he was probably one of the most credible champions of that title since it was re-introduced in 2006. I feel if he had a feud with 2 or 3 big names, that he would easily be credible enough and ready to win a world title. Give him a good chase for it and when he wins it, it would get a great reception.


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    In conclusion, the WWE needs more addition to its suffering main event. I didn't put Wade Barrett on this list because I already consider him a main eventer (especially now that hes going to have a match with WWE Superman John Cena) and will most likely remain there for years to come.

    No, this list was for the guys that work their butts off and deserve a real, true opportunity. Whats the worst that can happen? They don't get the crowd reactions you hoped for? They're not as over or perform as great as they should be? Ok fine. Put them back in the mid-card. If it's meant to be, they'll prove themselves again and be put back into the main event. In this day and age, it's hard to find great overall performers. Guys who can represent the WWE the way the chairman expects them to. There are plenty of guys that are labeled "future world champions" and "future main eventers", but it takes a special something in a person who stands out of the bunch. There are new wrestlers trained everyday, but a small percentage of them will ever get to wrestle on the grandest stage of them all, and even less that will ever become a main eventer and go on to win a WWE title someday. Here's to hoping, with the lagging ratings WWE has produced as of late, that they will finally put their thinking caps on and begin to create new stars and give some guys a break into main event club. God knows we need them.

    And that's a wrap.

Honorable Mentions

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    -Dolph Ziggler

    -Drew McIntyre

    -Cody Rhodes

    -Ted DiBiase


    -Evan Bourne

    Tell me what you think of my list! Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know! Drop me a comment! Thanks for checking out my first slideshow! Hope you all enjoyed it!