The 15 Best WWE Hell In a Cell Matches Of All Time

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The 15 Best WWE Hell In a Cell Matches Of All Time

In WWE, we have seen the creation of several new and innovative matches. However, one match has stood out and has become a staple in WWE.

So much so, that the match has been done over 20 times, 22 to be exact. And, WWE has made it into a PPV, having three matches at the very least be Hell in a Cell.

These matches take a toll on a man's body, and it can be considered one of the most dangerous matches ever devised.

Some people have even refused to be in them. The most memorable matches for HIAC have involved people being thrown off the high, over 30 foot cage.

And not to mention, people have been thrown into the cage and through it. You can see the danger here and why some refuse to be apart of it. But moving on....

A few facts to get you started about Hell in a Cell, some of which you may know or may not.

Despite being in the inaugural match and being in the most Hell in a Cell matches of all time, (10 so far and 11 this weekend) The Undertaker actually lost the first ever Hell in a Cell match to Mr. Innovation himself, Shawn Michaels.

Triple H has been in 8 HIAC matches, the second most ever, but has 6 wins, the most of all in the WWE. The Undertaker, despite making more appearances, only has 5 wins.

Taker was in the first 3 HIAC matches

The most memorable HIAC match, which involved The Undertaker defeating Mick Foley at King Of The Ring in 1998, only lasted 16 minutes, which is one of the shortest HIAC matches ever.

But now, to the top 15. These will be based on my opinion and that alone. Please make sure to give your top 15 in the comments and tell me how close I was to your list

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