Why the Kansas City Chiefs Will Win the AFC West—Not the Chargers

John BartramCorrespondent IIOctober 1, 2010

Get Use To It
Get Use To ItJamie Squire/Getty Images

Well, because I say so.  I guess that's not a very objective statement so I guess I'll have to support with some reasoning.

We have the Chargers, Broncos, and Raiders.  For purposes of discussion, we'll leave out the Broncos and Raiders out for obvious reasons.  At some point we may have to drag, reluctantly, the Broncos back in for a sentence or two.

First there is this misconception that it's OK for the Chargers to suck at the beginning of each season.  Why?  That's like saying it's OK for a chef to scream at everyone simply because he's a chef.  No, that means he's a douche for the most part.  I know, I was a chef, and you don't need to scream all the time, even though most think it's a right that comes with the stupid hat.

What happens if the Chargers continue to have problems this year further into the season?  What happens if they are not the anointed AFC West Champs?  These things can and do happen every year.  The fans and media seem to accept it as part of the Chargers regular season, just like preseason, but what if that malaise has set into the players mind?

Conversely, why don't we accept that as part of the Chiefs regular season?  Check their regular season record over the last few years.  Why don't we just accept that they suck at the beginning of the year?

The reasonable answer of course is because they have for the rest of the season as well.  Granted, but that doesn't make the argument for the Chargers sound by any stretch of the imagination. 

This year they lost to the Chiefs and Seahawks, teams they were suppose to "roll" over.  Well, they didn't but it's OK because it was September.  If that makes a Charger fan feel better, good for you, unless you lose the division by one game, to the Chiefs.

Then there is the schedule.  People complain every year about how easy it is for this team, or how hard it is for that team, blah, blah.  Well, truth be told, we never really know.  Case in point, the Chargers had an easy win in their first game.  Oops.  Dallas, the Vikings, Washington, oops, oops, oops, and on it goes.

We all know the AFC West plays each other twice, home and away. They're always crap shoots. Ask Denver with the playoffs on the line last year with the "patsy" Chiefs coming to town.  So, for argument sake, we'll throw them out.

The Chiefs have very tough back to back road games coming up after their bye week.  They play in Indianapolis and in Houston.  They could definitely lose both, but at this point based on they way they've played, they could pull one out. 

San Diego has a very soft part of their schedule coming up, which I strongly suggest they take advantage of.  St. Louis, Arizona and Oakland.  Fortunately they're all in October so they shouldn't suck by then.

During the same three weeks, Denver has to play Tennessee, Baltimore, and the Jets, a vastly different set of circumstances, and that's after hosting the Colts.

So, the makeup of the AFC West could indeed look very different by then.  However, that's when it gets interesting, again.

Kansas City then plays Jacksonville, Buffalo, and Oakland, while the Chargers have to deal with Houston, Tennessee and a Monday Night game against Denver.

KC then has Seattle and St. Louis, as well as their divisional games, and finish the season with two games at home, Tennessee and their final game, in Arrowhead against the Raiders.

Sorry Oakland, I didn't want to dissect your schedule as well because you're, well, Oakland.

Chances are there will be no wild card from this division.  Ten or 11 wins will no doubt do it, and right now I think it's no stretch that the Chiefs will win 10.  In fact, I'll almost guarantee it.  I think 11 is very doable and I think the Chargers are going to have a much harder time this year, because it's not going to be the "roll out of the September bed" they're so use to.

Also, I could throw in lots of stats about defense and special teams, and all that, but three games into the season, they really don't mean much.  This is obviously far more philosophical.  My belief is on the foundation of this Chief team, the belief they have in the coaching staff, and the same old thing I see in the Chargers.

We'll get to the stats and all that other stuff later, not to mention almost every article in here pounds you to death with them.

Lastly, Denver has been very nice to them by giving them every possible opportunity to win the division as the season wound down.

The Chiefs will not.