WWE Hell in a Cell Odds: Breaking Down Randy Orton Vs. Sheamus

John KindelanAnalyst IIIOctober 1, 2010

This Sunday we have the second ever Hell in a Cell pay per view almost one year to the date. There's only four matches scheduled at this point, Cena vs. Barrett, Kave vs. Taker, a Triple Threat for the US title and for the WWE championship Randy Orton vs. Sheamus.

Lets break down this match from a couple of different angles:

1. By the numbers in the cage

There have been 8 Hell in the Cell matches for a WWE heavyweight championship, either for the WWE title or the World Heavyweight championship. Out of those eight 6 champions walked out of the cell retaining their title. Not until last year at the Hell in the Cell pay per view did the reigning champion lose the title.

The first two individuals to win the title from the champion in Hell in a Cell, The Undertaker defeating CM Punk and Randy Orton defeating John Cena. Taker beating Punk came as no surprise, while Punk is a great entertainer he didn't stand a chance against the Phenom in his own playground. Randy Orton defeating John Cena however is a much larger task, any time anyone beats Cena, its a big deal, and the viper pulled it off in the cage.

Odds favorite: Orton - The champ usually walks out of Hell the champ.

2. Title Reigns and Win/Loss

Randy Orton was the youngest superstar to ever win the WWE championship and he has held the belt six times. Sheamus had one of the quickest championship wins from his debut. Both have wins under their belt in record times. 


In the last year since the Royal Rumble Randy has 3 wins, 4 losses and one double count out. Sheamus has 4 wins with 4 losses and didn't participate in the Over the Limit Pay Per View. While those numbers are close its important to note that 3 of Sheamus's wins were over Randy Orton, while Orton was losing the MIB match and at Extreme Rules he lost to Jack Swagger.

Odds favorite: Sheamus, his win loss is far greater than Ortons and while his PPV wins aren't always clean or fair, a win is a win and in WWE its only cheating if you get caught.

3. Skill set and Finishers

The Viper has approximately 10 different signature moves, his quickness is his most powerful weapon as he can strike fast and position himself in the ring to constantly be at an advantage. Another big advantage is that Randy has at least four finishing maneuvers. The flying cross body has ended a match here and there for the second generation superstar. The O-Zone (overdrive) is in his arsenal, while we haven't seen it lately its there. The punt to the head, he just used it on Jericho and has taken him out of the game, his hatred for Sheamus could bring this move into play. Finally the one that can hit at any moment and end it as fast as it came in The RKO. 

The Celtic Warrior is a brawler, his strength and power are his weapons thus his move set, while not large is effective. Approximately 6 different signature moves, he uses his clotheslines, neck breakers and slams to wear down his opponent for his finisher. The Celtic Cross, is a running crucifix power bomb and when your driven from 6ft in the air to the mat below on your shoulders, back of the neck and head its a feat to be awake let alone kick out of the three count.

Odds favorite: Randy Orton he didn't get the name viper from his fun little dance in the ring, he got it because when he strikes its out to kill.

4. Fan favorites and the crowd

As of late Randy has being met with cheers, and in the past month or so he has even been climbing the ropes once again in appreciation of the crowds applause. This is a bit odd as he is also the one the camera is zooming in on to show his beady eyes, evil smile and his frothing at the mouth antics. While the WWE has labeled him The Viper, in our household he's known as Lord Voldermort. His odd snake like neck twitches just shows he's watched Harry Potter movies just a tad too much. Compile that with his full blown out seizures that he seems to be having and you have to question the mind set of young Randy. Do we all recall when he had a team of lawyers accompany him to the ring to support that he had anger management issues? I take it he stopped going to therapy.

Sheamus is the exact opposite of Randy Orton: His pale skin to Randy's tan. Randy's covered in tattoos, Sheamus shows off his bumps and bruises the second someone lays a hand on him. Sheamus's trademark fire red hair to Randy's bald shaven head. The two of them couldnt be more different and since the crowd loves Randy, they hate Sheamus. Young kids can't stand him because he's the villain, the moms don't like him because he's not as 'hot' as Randy and the guys don't care for him because we think he's been pushed too quick and can barely wrestle.  

Odds Favorite: Randy Orton. At this point Randy could smack a puppy and make it look like it was the right thing to do, and the crowd would cheer.


5. Finally the most important of all - What will make Vince money.

Does this one really need to be discussed in great detail? Do you want to know how well over Randy Orton is? Go to WWE.com shopzone and look up Randy he has t-shirts for kids, women and adults and are you ready for this, onesies and booties for babies. Little baby Randy Orton gear. Classy.

Sheamus has 3 t-shirts and some crosses, he's just not marketable.

But, if Sheamus isn't someone who can make them money and sell out arenas why on earth has he been champion for so much this past year. Answer: guys like Cena and Orton don't need a belt to be huge in the company, they're giants on their own. 

There are five more matches until Wrestlemania, we have Bragging Rights and Survivor Series up next and if we've learned anything from the Bragging Rights poster, its that The Nexus will not be dead at Hell in a Cell. So will Cena lead the Nexus as a heel against the rest of the WWE locker room? If Orton wins who will be the next to challenge him? 

Before I can say the Odds Favorite, lets factor in some items.

If Randy Wins - who's next?

If Sheamus Wins - Do they just keep going back and forth?

How will the next two ppv's that are usually team ppvs factor into this?

And the biggest factor of all Tiple H. When he returns will he want to go after Sheamus for taking him out? Will we have the return of the HHH and Orton feud?

Odds Favorite: Randy retains. I don't see it as a clean win so that we can keep Sheamus in the picture some how other wise he's falling to the way side and becoming the next Jack Swagger.

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