What to watch for in week 5 for college football

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What to watch for in week 5 for college football
This week will feature some big games that could be involving the BCS. Everyone knows that Texas and Oklahoma has a huge rivalry. I believe Friday nights in downtown Dallas will have both Longhorn and Sooner fans traveling the streets as they prepare for the big game on Saturday.

Another huge matchup will be Wisconsin vs Michigan ST. Both teams would love to win this week because it could give both teams an advantage in the big ten standings in terms of strength of schedule.

A huge game will be out in Alabama as Florida takes on Alabama. Florida's defense has carried them through out the season and Alabama looks like they are responding to the critics and me about how bad they were supposed to be this year after losing a strong front seven. Rebuild? I think not. Florida is also looking to prove that they are a top team after struggling in the past weeks. The winner of this game could very well be national champions at season's end.

Two top ten teams are playing in the pac ten this weekend. The matchup will feature two high profile offenses and very little defenses. Why not see who can out score each other as Stanford takes on Oregon.

Both Penn ST and Iowa has struggled against tougher teams this year. Penn ST lost to Alabama in a beat down and Iowa is coming off a loss. Both teams are looking to prove that they are among the tops of the big ten.

The other big game will be game one of the commander's trophy series. It will feature Air Force vs Navy.

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