WEC 51: Five Things To Expect Tonight

Dale De SouzaAnalyst ISeptember 30, 2010

WEC 51: Five Things To Expect Tonight

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    Broomfield, Colorado is the venue and what a better place for the Rocky Mountain State to host a hell of an MMA card than tonight for WEC 51?

    It's so stacked of a card that even former WEC Featherweight Champ Mike Brown couldn't get on the main card, which should give you a damn good indicator of how huge the event is.

    On the card you have both halves of the WEC's definite "Fight of the year" candidate, you have the former WEC Bantamweight Champion looking to bounce back from back-to-back losses, you have the former WEC Lightweight Champion going against his pissed-off nemesis for a potential future crack at the belt, and you have the Ultimate FIghter Season Five runner-up going against the psychotic Brazilian striking machine who is arguably the pound-for-pound king at 145 pounds.

    What can you expect?

    The unexpected, of course.

    Allow me to enlighten you on the five components of "the unexpected" for WEC 51.

5. Can Mike Brown Bounce Back?

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    Mike Brown went from the top of the 145 pound food chain to fighting on the undercard of a stacked card, which shows how stacked the card is to begin with, but it also shows how hard Brown has fallen recently.

    Whether or not he gets back up or not depends on what he does to Cole Province tonight, but despite many not knowing much about Province, they can rest assured that he isn't a can for Brown to crush in five seconds.

    He's going to be much like Anthony Morrison was: a rough, tough, drag-em-out-type of battler who not even Brown can afford to take lightly.

    Everything Brown is capable of will have to show, but I don't put anything past Brown winning this one.

4. The Bad Boy Or The Korean Zombie: Who Felt It The Worst In Sacramento?

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    Its tough to come back from a really hard-fought war and fight at your best after destroying yourself to destroy your opponent.

    At WEC 48, that's exactly what Leonard Garcia and Chan Sung Jung did to the surprise of many in the MMA community, and it earned Garcia a split decision win, while the fight earned a "Fight of the Night" bonus and a distinction of being an early candidate for the Fight of 2010.

    The only wonder left in everyone's mind is how that fight will affect their performances tonight, as Garcia faces Mark Hominick and Jung faces George Roop.

    The truth may be that both men are still far from past the fight at WEC 48. Both men took some serious damage throughout the fight, and Garcia even broke his hand so that will definitely play sort of a role in his bout with Hominick.

    As for Jung, I just hope he didn't get too damaged from Garcia to worry about Roop.

3. Welcome Back, Miguel Torres

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    When a man has nothing left to lose, that is when he is one dangerous son-of-a-bitch.

    I say that in regards to Miguel Angel Torres because it's the stone-cold truth about where he stands coming into this bout with Charlie Valencia.

    Brian Bowles beat him for the belt that now is on Dominick Cruz's shoulder, Joseph Benavidez cost Torres a shot at a potential second crack at the belt when he submitted him earlier this year, and now the only thing Torres might have left to lose against Valencia is a chance to fight another fight in the WEC.

    If Torres wins here, he might just be able to earn his way to a title shot and a second Bantamweight title reign.

    If not, he'll lose more than just that shot...

2. Varner and Cerrone Are In For Another Wild F**king Ride

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    What more can you say about the second meeting between Jaime Varner and Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone that hasn't been said, other than the fact that this is going to be a three round fight?

    You know all about Varner and where he's been, you know what Cerrone can do and has done in the cage, and you know that Rampage vs. Rashad Evans was like something out of modern-day WWE programming compared to this feud between Varner and Cerrone.

    Will the winner get a shot at the winner of Ben Henderson and Anthony Pettis somewhere along the line?

    Good question.

    Better question: Who cares?!

    They both want to wreck the hell out of each other, so I say "shut up and let them!"

1. The Champ Will Be Here, But It May Or May Not Be Aldo

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    Striking vs. a vicious ground game.

    A UFC veteran vs. a WEC mainstay.

    A Featherweight champion and pound-for-pound great vs.a challenger and overlooked sensation.

    Can Jose Aldo do what not even Mike Brown could and finish Manny Gamburyan, or will Gamburyan help Aldo's record jump up to 17-2 and take his title in the process?

    Manny has that sick black belt level of Judo expertise, but to inflict that damage he has to catch one of the fastest Muay Thai fighters in MMA.

    He may also have to contend with the sick Jiu-Jitsu of Aldo on the ground -- an area where Aldo may or may not want to be, as much as you'd think otherwise.

    Trust me when I say, with the number of ways this could go, this fight could be one hell of a fight.