IndyCar Series: Izod Perspective

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IndyCar Series: Izod Perspective
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Television ratings and attendance figures for the 2010 Izod IndyCar Series events are often difficult to nail down. There have been some rumors that Izod was concerned with the ratings numbers this year, particularly in the aftermath of the Indianapolis 500.

It took a bit of hunting, but there is a positive report from Phillips-Van Heusen Chairman and CEO Manny Chirico on the conference call audio link below.

This is the Sept. 8, 2010, PVH Earnings report for the second quarter, detailing the year-to-date accounting and projections for the balance of this year and beyond.

The copyright restrictions give the impression that publishing direct quotes is a bad idea. Mr. Chirico's remarks at about the 32:00 mark on the audio cast a favorable impression about the marketing investment, and the return on that investment, that PVH has experienced with its Izod Indycar campaign.

After listening to this, there seems little reason for concern about Izod's satisfaction and continued partnership with the IndyCar Series.

No mention was made, however, about that funky championship statue...

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