Who Is Suicide?

warcroftCorrespondent IAugust 15, 2008

If you were watching this weeks episode of TNA Impact you may have noticed a very brief single frame flash of the web address whoissuicide.com.

Visiting this address shows a simple image of the sites address. Clicking the image takes you to a My Space page of someone named Suicide.

Just who exactly is Suicide?

Well, as rumours go, he is the playable character for story mode in the new TNA game. Apparently, the game storyline is that LAX beat Suicide up so bad and left him for dead that he needed plastic surgery.

However. . . is he set to make an appearance in the real world of TNA.

Speculation is pointing to Kaz.

Kaz recently stepped away from TNA, not renewing his contract. But he is expected to return as a masked wrestler.


Is Kaz returning as Suicide?

Im sure we will find out very soon.