LeBron James: Did LeBenedict James Make the Right Decision?

Kevin Germany@@KevinUber1Analyst IIIOctober 3, 2010

LeBron at his new home.
LeBron at his new home.Marc Serota/Getty Images

Disclaimer: I am NOT a Heat fan or a Lakers fan.  I also did NOT like how LeBron handled his free agency process.  

I will NOT talk about race at ALL due to the sensitive nature of the topic. 

As we all know, this summer, the way over-hyped "Decision" capped the most anticipated free agency bonanza in NBA history.

"I'm taking my talents to South Beach," LeBron James said infamously during the 1 hour ESPN special held in the Boys and Girls club in Greenwich, CT. 

The reaction was remarkably predictable.  Cleveland Cavaliers fans began to riot, Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks fans were sorely disappointed, and the Miami Heat bandwagon began to swell in size.

All the talking heads gave their two cents. Most fans, especially from Cleveland, condemned LeBron for making "a selfish decision" to leave Cleveland for Miami.  Former players such as Charles Barkley, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson all said they wouldn't do what LeBron just did. 

But, were they wrong?  Did LeBron James make the right "Decision?" 

The real question to all the commentators is this, are you LeBron James? 

Let's look at it from his perspective.

If you had a chance to play with two All-Stars in their prime, would you do it?  In addition, you are very good friends with both of them and played together before.  

If you had a chance to work under one of the best run organizations in the NBA under a man who has won multiple championships, would you do it?  

If you had a chance to live in a city with plentiful nightlife and an amazing climate during the basketball season, would you do it?

You know you would say YES to all three of those questions. 

The fact is, out of all the prospective teams, Miami was simply the best decision for him and his family. 

But wait, what about loyalty?  Shouldn't he have been loyal to Cleveland?  Was he "LeBenedict James?" 

First of all, LeBron James played to the end of his contract in Cleveland.  That contract states nothing about loyalty.  

Was he disloyal? Absolutely.

Did he betray the Cleveland Cavaliers? Of course.

He should have personally let the team know that he was leaving before he made his decision.

Anything less would have been unacceptable. 

"The Decision" was ultimately the WRONG way to go about making his choice. 

But, does loyalty really matter anymore? 

People leave their jobs for better, more lucrative jobs all the time. 

What's the difference? 

Oh wait, what about legacy?  Going to play second fiddle to Dwyane Wade would kill his legacy. Shouldn't he win a title on his own? 

Whoever came up with that obviously doesn't understand or forgot that basketball is a team sport. 

Who cares about individual legacy and accolades?  LeBron has already had a trophy-shelf full of individual awards already.  Look where it got him, nowhere.  

When it's all said and done, your career will be judged by the number of rings you had, not the number of scoring titles or MVP's or other awards. 

Who's going to be more remembered in basketball lore, Scottie Pippen (6 rings) or Elgin Baylor (none)? 

Now I'm not saying that a bench warmer who happened to latch on to a championship team is more important than a Hall of Famer who toiled on bad teams.

In the end, does it really matter who gets the credit for winning? 

For the "shouldn't he win one on his own" question, has there ever been a player that single-handedly won an NBA title?  

Is it any less special to win a ring all by yourself rather than with a supporting cast? 

What makes people think that LeBron can win going 1 on 5 the whole game?  

That's not his game.  He's more like Magic than Michael. 

As Charles Barkley said, LeBron made a "punk" move.  

Now while I like Chuck, he's wrong. 

The way he went about his business was "punk-like" but his choice wasn't a "punk move."  

LeBron James took less money and less responsibility to give himself a better chance at winning a ring.  

Isn't that we want out of our professional athletes, to sacrifice money, awards, and stats for a ring?  

Now I know I will get a lot of Heat for this (pun intended) but LeBron James made the right "Decision." 


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