3 Problems WWE needs to fix, and soon

SlamZillaContributor ISeptember 29, 2010

Raws mytery General Manager.

     Talk about an angle that has over stayed its welcome.  Now we have a bloody speak and spell.  The only good thing to happen during this entire time, was this past Monday when Edge destroyed the computer that the mysterious GM was using to issue his/her orders.  All one had to do was listen to the crowd reaction in every single arena that RAW went to, to figure out just how much this angle was hated.  Whoever decided to keep this gimmick going must be confusing the sort of heat that a good Heel character gets, with genuine hatred for an idea that is just plain stupid.  Hopefully now that Edge has done what most of us have wanted to do for a while now, they will finally decide on somebody to be the General Manager, and stick with it.  But if the “guest host” idea is any indication, we might see this go on for some time.

Constant Title Changes.

     While I understand that we live in the A.D.D. generation that has a 30 second attention span, are we bored with things so fast that we need to have a new champion crowned on every other pay per view to satisfy us?  Now I don’t think that we need to have another Hulk Hogan style, 4 year title reign, but these days if you can manage 4 months you are considered a success.  The only thing this rotating door of champions is doing, is cheapening the title’s themselves.  But there is hope.  Since the tag team, and women’s titles have been merged, the talk now is that the world titles will be combined; possibly at Wrestlemania.  At least with only one heavyweight champion, who can go between both RAW and Smackdown, there would be more options for top contenders, and a person can hold on to their championship a bit longer, while facing a more diverse group.  And if they were to keep the Intercontinental, and U.S. titles the way they are, exclusive to their brands, then there would still be a secondary championship to gun for on each show.

There are too many pay per views.

I don’t think I am alone in thinking that WWE really needs to drop 2 or 3 pay per views off of its schedule for the year.  This month is a perfect example.  September saw Night Of Champions, and only a couple of weeks later will be Hell In A Cell.  And I do believe there is another one coming up later in October as well.  3 pay per views in a span of just 2 months.  And as I mentioned on my last point, you can pretty much expect title changes at all of them.  The average fan just does not have the money to shell out for this many events, which is part of the reason WWE is seeing their numbers going down for them.  That, and when you have these shows so close together it gives you very little time to build up any decent storyline, or momentum leading up to the matches.  I understand that this is all about the money, but sometimes less is more, and the idea that you can squeeze 14 pay per views into a 12 month calender year is just a bit too much.

    Now there are definitely other problems that need to be solved, such as the confusing booking.  Like pushing a wrestler one week, only to bury him for the next three.  And of course I personally would like to see this new PG era end, since it seems to be limiting what WWE can do or even say.  Did anybody else enjoy matches being stopped on a pay per view so trainers could clean up a wrestler who accidentally got busted open?  But for now, these are just my top three gripes.