Hollywhat? The 20 Worst Sports Movies Of All Time

Michael AkelsonCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2010

Hollywhat? The 20 Worst Sports Movies Of All Time

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    Sports movies can be funny, moving, inspirational, historical, or just plain bad.

    There have been instances where sports movies have become legendary- Rocky, Rudy, Jerry Maguire. They are the sports movies in which all other sports movies are judged against.

    While those movies were all great there have been plenty of movies that flopped, and some flopped hard.

    These movies were just plain horrible, and many have been Razzie worthy.

    Here's 20 sports movies that had us searching for the remote. Enjoy!

20. The Next Karate Kid

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    There's nothing that bugs me more than a sequel that ruins a fantastic original, or in this case, trilogy.

    A karate fighting girl in a series that was already starting to get old, no thanks.

19. Mr. 3000

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    I will admit, Mr. 3000 has its moments, and anything with Bernie Mac is certainly interesting, but this was just far too unoriginal to be watchable.

    Egotistical athlete. Check.

    Athlete playing the game for himself. Check.

    An ending where the athlete finally does something for the team and starts respecting the game. Check.

    Where have I heard this plotline before? Oh wait, I hear it almost every time I watch a sports movie.

18. Slap Shot 3: The Junior League

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    The first Slap Shot movie was legendary, the second was watchable, the third was absolutely dreadful.

    From minor league hockey to Junior league? Really, Junior league?

    They thought they could sneak this by people by making it straight-to-DVD, but when Slap Shot 4: The Pee-Wee Leagues is released, I don't think it will get by as many people.

17. Just Wright

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    Just Wright, an interesting title for a movie that most sports fans thought was just wrong.

    The movie was advertised as a sports movie, but made like a chick flick.

    The credits were by far the most exciting part in this movie, for those who got that far.

16. The Bad News Bears Go To Japan

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    I wasn't a big fan of the Bad News Bears' series before the release of this movie, but after this one I swore I'd never watch any of the three movies again.

    What the f#$k are they doing in Japan, when the plot of the series was that they weren't even capable of playing in the United States?

    Not to mention this movie was a snorefest throughout.

15. Like Mike

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    I have a tough time getting into any movie that features lil' Bow Wow schooling NBA players.

    I'm sure putting on a pair of Jordan's could make any five-footer dunk from the three-point line, right?

14. MVP 2: Most Vertical Primate

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    I loved Air Bud.

    However, lets be clear here: That is the only sports movie starring an animal that can be good. Period.

    The first film in this series about our most valuable (?) primate Jack playing hockey was bad, but it wasn't nearly as bad as when Jack attempted to be a skater, and of course, succeeded. 

13. The Fan

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    The Fan was a movie that had potential to be good, but struggled finding an identity throughout, and turned out to be just plain creepy.

    A man named Gil Renard, who is a life-long Giants fan develops a weird obsession with the team's newest player (Bobby Rayburn), and starts killing his teammates in an effort that he believes will improve Rayburn's play.

    But when Gil finds out that Rayburn doesn't like fans because they're fickle, he kidnaps Rayburn's son and then the thing just keeps getting creepier and creepier until Gil is finally killed.

    I don't know if this was supposed to be touching, scary, or just a good sports movie, but all it turned out to be was plain weird.

12. Mr. Baseball

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    There are three things in this world that no man has ever done, and probably won't do for another century.

    1. Fly.

    2. Clone himself.

    3. Sit through Mr. Baseball from beginning to end.

    I want to tell you what I hate about this movie, but I've never been able to watch half of it without turning it off.


11. Summer Catch

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    This movie was already off to a bad start when they hired Freddie Prinze Jr. for the lead role, and it only got worse from there.

    This film included very little baseball, in fact, while watching this movie you begin to question if the writers and producers have ever sat down and watched a baseball game in their lives.

    If you want to see a cliche-filled, crappy love story that sells itself on being about baseball but is in fact a disgrace to the Cape Cod Baseball League, by all means rent Summer Catch.

10. Who's Your Caddy?

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    It's amazing to me that a movie could copy the storyline of one of the greatest sports films of all time (Caddyshack) almost verbatim and have it come out so bad.

    If you want to see a lower-quality Caddyshack with hardly anything funny about it and more fart jokes, then I won't stop you from renting Who's You Caddy, but if you want to see an actual comedy movie about golf, just rent Caddyshack.

9. Major League: Back To The Minors

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    Major League was one of the greatest sports movies I've ever seen, Major League II wasn't quite as good as it's predecessor, but it was still one hell of a movie.

    However, the third and final Major League was a total and utter piece of crap.

    How can you have Major League without the Cleveland Indians, Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn and Willie Mays Hayes?

    Better yet, how can you have Major league in the minors?

8. Ladybugs

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    A guy dressing up as a girl to play soccer... the writers thought this plot would succeed how?

7. Juwanna Mann

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    Another movie of a guy dressing up as a girl, Juwanna Mann is a movie that is based on the WNBA.

    I repeat, Juwanna Mann is a movie that is based on the WNBA.

    Why would you write a movie in a league that you couldn't pay most people to watch in real life, and expect them to pay to watch it?

    This movie would be much higher, but luckily most people have never seen it so it sticks at No. 7 for now.

6. Airborne

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    Watching Airborne you almost feel like the movie never really got started. Because the fact is, throughout the movie, nothing really happened.

    There was not one part of this movie that I could look at and say, "Wow, that was interesting."

    And when you have a movie that poorly written about roller blading and a little hockey, it's usually not a good combination.

5. Rollerball

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    There's only two things you need to know about Rollerball:

    The film received a three percent approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes, that's right, three.

    Not sure just how bad that is? All I have to say is, Big Momma's House received a 30 percent approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes, 27 percent higher than Rollerball.

    I rest my case.

4. Caddyshack II

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    Caddyshack was an excellent movie, Caddyshack II was absolutely dreadful.

    For starters, the rating dropped from R in the original Caddyshack to PG.

    The only actor to reprise his role from the original movie was Chevy Chase, and he has said several times that he regrets doing so.

    This film won the Golden Raspberry Awards for Worst Picture and Worst Actor, and received a zero percent approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes.

    Yes, it was that bad.

3. The Air Up There

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    Just look at that picture, do you really need me to spell out for you what's wrong with this movie?

2. Ed

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    A chimpanzee playing baseball, how could this go wrong?

    Pretty easily actually, this film was picked apart to no end by critics and was just a pathetic excuse for a movie in general.

1. Rocky V

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    Okay, Rocky V wasn't quite as bad as some of the movies placed higher on this list, but this one was by far the most disappointing.

    The fifth Rocky had some BIG shoes to fill, and it totally flopped.

    This was supposed to be the final chapter in one of the greatest movie series' of all time, and it was supposed to be the biggest hit since the original Rocky, but all it did was prove to the world that Sylvester Stallone was too old to play Rocky.

    Most Rocky fans like to pretend this movie never happened, and I usually like to do the same, but on a list like this Rocky V is a no-brainer for the top spot.