TUF Season 12: St- Pierre vs. Koscheck—Live Blogging the Madness Pt. III

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TUF Season 12: St- Pierre vs. Koscheck—Live Blogging the Madness Pt. III
Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

For the first two episodes of The Ultimate Fighter, I've been giving Georges St-Pierre, aka The Good Guy, the photo love so I thought it was time to feature the heel.

Not a second too soon, either, because Josh Koscheck is most certainly grabbing The Bad Guy role and running with it.

Thus far in Season 12, the TUF Season 1 alumnus is re-discovering the instigator roots that served him so well during his original spin on the show. Only instead of the right-on-the-edge Chris Leben as his intended target, "Kos" is taking aim at a considerably more confident and subdued nemesis this time around in GSP.

It's gonna take more than a couple verbal barbs—some more subtle than others—to get under the French-Canadian's skin.

Of course, the blond bomber might regret his tack if he's successful because "Rush" is no one with whom you should trifle. He's not the Ultimate Fighting Championship Welterweight Champion for nothing.

We haven't really seen it despite Matt Serra's efforts, but it's probably unwise to get St-Pierre too focused on destruction by making the scrap personal.

Unwise for Koscheck, that is.

It's BRILLIANT as far as fight fans and the organization are concerned; we'd love a chance to see a sincerely angry GSP do his thing.

As for the guys in the house, we haven't gotten to know them well enough for much separation to materialize. The first elimination bout after the preliminaries did give us a little fun, though.

Jeff Lentz tried to use false bravado to make a name for himself, promising he wouldn't tap and his opponent would have to make him go to sleep to win by submission. Apparently, Mr. Lentz has never seen an episode of the show or an MMA promo reel or a mixed martial artist interviewed.

Otherwise, he'd know what the audience knows—talk is cheap.

And getting cheaper it would seem.

In a moment of made-for-television bliss (gotta love the wonders of video editing), Alex Caceres forced Jeff to...you guessed it...tap via triangle choke in the third round of their get-together. The poetic justice was even sweeter because Lentz had been whooping "Bruce LeeRoy" up until that point so—if ever there were a moment to risk a little nap rather than cry, "Uncle"—that was it.

On the bright side, Lentz will now have more time to spout nonsense and score cool points (with high schoolers) as he puffs away on his cigarettes.

Let's see what this week's got in store.

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