The Ultimate Showdown: WWE Vs. UFC

Atobe KeigoContributor IISeptember 29, 2010

The Ultimate Showdown: WWE Vs. UFC

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    So this slide is a made up storyline that I thought of one day when I was in class. It starts after Elimination Chamber when WWE buys out TNA and Dixie Carter disappears in absurdity. During WWE`s celebration guys from UFC come on out and destroy and wreak havoc so bad that it makes the alliance and Nexus attacks look weak. 

    So there is this build up to Wrestlemania that UFC made Strikeforce go into bankruptcy when they signed Fedor and now with the new President of UFC.... Shane McMahon, they are out to destroy WWE and become the greatest show on the planet.

    Vince McMahon feeling threatened by his own son once again brings in a new team, a team that he believes could destroy the UFC forever and bring the MMA world to Vincent Kennedy McMahon`s hands.

    So these are a list of WWE (with some TNA stars) vs. UFC matches for Wrestlemania.

Evan Bourne, Justin Gabriel, AJ Styles Vs. Shane Carwin, Lyoto Machida, M.Hughes

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    This match would be contested in a steel cage match which would lead to UFC stars having the upper hand because now there isn`t anywhere for the WWE stars to run from the UFC stars`s but with the high flying style of each star they are able to make a comeback.

    The highlight of the match is when Evan Bourne and Justin Gabriel take out Matt Hughes with a 450 and Shooting Star Combo which sacrifices them both because they were open to straight punches from both Machida and Carwin, which leaves just one phenomenal one. AJ Styles ducks Carwin`s punch and hits the pele kick and hits a Styles Clash to Lyoto Machida, goes up top of the steel cage and hit the Spiral Tap. But takes to much time to cover enough time to let Carwin knock him out.


    Winners: Shane Carwin, Lyoto Machida, and Matt Hughes


    WWE - 0 UFC - 1

Anderson Silva Vs. The Big Show

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    The background to this match was simple, Anderson Silva came out and called himself the best superstar of the WWE and UFC combined and challenged any star from either show to come out, to his surprise it was the 7 foot giant that is The Big Show. Show comes out and tells Silva no matter how good you are there is no way you can knock out a 7 foot monster.

    This is a complete destruction of Silva and the end happens when he meets his fist with the big show which breaks his hand and Big show to hit the chokeslam, knockout punch, and then to put insult to injury the colossus clutch and takes out Silva on a stretcher.


    Winner by Domination: The Big Show

    WWE -1 UFC -1

Rey Mysterio Vs GSP

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    The storyline is alot like Anderson Silva and The Big Show except GSP being the kind superstar (and not wanting to be KOed by the Big Show) that he is brings out Rey Mysterio and challenges him to a match at Wrestlemania. Rey accepts but only if he promises to make it a falls count anywhere match. GSP agrees and the promo ends with Rey getting the upper hand while GSP leaving before he gets hit with the SIX ONE NINE!

    This match goes back and forth but thanks to GSP countering the 619 and KOing Mysterio during his finisher.


    Winner: George St. Pierre


    WWE - 1 UFC - 2  

Triple H & Daniel Bryan Vs. Quinton Rampage Jackson & Wanderlei Silva

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    The story is that Shane McMahon`s hired destroyers were Rampage Jackson and Wanderlei Silva and  there goal was to hurt every McMahon including Stephanie, They showed her footage of them destroying The Game Triple H. Triple H counters by finding a star that was trained by his Best Friend HBK Shawn Michaels and he was Daniel Bryan.

    The Match by the end goes in favor of the UFC but because Shane forgot about the rivalry between Wanderlei and Rampage, he forgot that there were chances that they will get into a fight and that's exactly what happens, Wanderlei knocks out Rampage with knee shots to the head. Triple H takes advantage and hit Rampage with a sledgehammer and a pedigree, and then tags in Bryan. Daniel Bryan hit the patented HBK Elbow drop and tunes up the band and hits the Sweet Chin Music for the Win. HBK who was sitting in the crowd comes in to the ring and celebrates with the DX music and all three of them do the DX Chop to celebrate.


    Winner: Triple H and Daniel Bryan


    WWE - 2 UFC - 2

Edge and Chris Jericho Vs. Chuck Liddell and BJ Penn

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    When UFC returns so does Y2J in his 3rd coming to save the business from the UFC monsters and enlist the help of edge. Shane McMahon being smart and vary of Jerichos and Edges combined skill puts a match between them and BJ The Prodigy Penn and The Iceman Chuck Liddell.

    Jericho and Edge from the get go bring 100% to the UFC guys but is soon turned around and Penn and Liddell dominate but all is turned around when behind the refs back CM Punk comes and hits a chair on the back of Liddell and tells him that he knows that Chuck Liddell could only be beaten by Straight Edge because Chuck has always been drinking. Jericho and Edge take advantage and hit a Spear and Code Breaker Combo and make a Crossface and Walls of Jericho combo to make Penn tap out.


    Winners by Submission: Edge and Chris Jericho


    WWE - 3 UFC - 2

John Cena Vs. Randy The Natural Couture

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    Its build up is simple the face of the WWE vs the face of the UFC Randy Couture, Vince had Cena while Shane had Couture. John Cena did not like Couture and Couture did not like Cena. So they did what any one would do and see who who is the better man.

    This match made the crowds erupt, some cheering for Cena to beat Couture and save the WWE and others hoping Couture to beat Cena and thats exactly what happens, Cena has got Couture in the STF after hitting the Attitude Adjustment (not the AA) and when he is so close to tapping Couture breaks out of the hold and locks Cena in a reared naked choke in which Cena faints and cannot continue to fight.


    Winner: Randy Couture


    WWE - 3 UFC - 3

Brock Lesnar Vs. The Undertaker

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    Shane McMahon wanted to destroy what Wrestlemania stood for and that was the streak. The Undertakers ominous 18-0 streak and he enlisted the help of Brock Lesnar who then viciously attacked Undertaker.

    the match ending is what was great, just as how Brock Lesnar had reversed The Undertakers Tombstone to and F-5 he did it again but this time only for Undertaker to reverse back into a tombstone and hit it. But the cunning Shane McMahon remembered that DQ wins had no effect on the UFC score against the WWE so he struck the Undertaker with the chair which got Undertaker to 19-0 but Undertaker furious about what Shane did and Tombstoned him also and then made Brock tap out to the Hells Gate


    Winner by DQ: The Undertaker


    WWE - 3 UFC - 3

Randy Orton Vs. Fedor Emelianenko

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    This build up is a classic Legend Vs. Legend Killer match up, Fedor is talking and Randy Orton who is now the WWE Undisputed Champion comes out and tells Fedor that he has ended the career of every legend he has faced, and now he is going to do the same thing to him. Fedor does not like that so much and tries to punch Orton but he slithers out of the ring. Fedor picks up the mic and says he agrees but only if Orton puts the title on the line and Fedor will put the UFC Title on the line NO DQ. Orton agrees and the biggest title unification match is on.


    Fedor comes out and hurts Randy Orton, but Orton makes a comeback, but then Fedor comes back and it keeps on going on and on. It even goes to the point in which Fedor makes Orton bleed by using his mighty punch and Orton retaliates by using a barbed wire and making Fedor bleed. He then RKOès him and hits the hardest punt in history and Fedor Emelianenkos  career  and legend are destoryed the Legend Killer.


    Winner: And new Undisputed WWE Champion Randy Orton


    WWE - 4 UFC - 3




    So in the aftermath Vince destroys UFC and forces them into bankruptcy and then makes Shane comes back to the WWE as an intern of an assistant of his sister.


    So what do you think