Jamie Little: Bleacher Report's Sports Chick Hottie of the Week

Elliott PohnlFeatured ColumnistSeptember 29, 2010

Jamie Little: Bleacher Report's Sports Chick Hottie of the Week

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    The race to the Chase is heating up, and one lovely lady will be there to keep you posted on all the action in the pits.

    Say hello to Jamie Little, B/R's Sports Chick Hottie of the Week, who burst onto the scene as a reporter in 2000.

    Has it really been that long?

    Let's take a closer look at the darling of ESPN and ABC's NASCAR coverage.

No. 10: Little Jamie

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    Jamie Little was born in Las Vegas in 1978.  She grew up idolizing her mother Laura Thomas, who worked as a showgirl in South Lake Tahoe.

    Little graduated from Green Valley High School in suburban Henderson, Nevada and decided to attend San Diego State University.

No. 9: A Free Spirit

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    Little grew up wanting to be a star like her mother and was known for living an active lifestyle.

    Her fame hasn't tempered her love for adventure one bit.  She has participated in several celebrity races and enjoys riding mini bikes in her spare time.

    I've always wanted to learn...

No. 8: The Beginning

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    After she received her B.A. in Journalism from SDSU in 2001, Jamie had ambitions of becoming a sports reporter.

    Her quest to get involved in sports was fulfilled shortly after she finished college, when she began covering Supercross and Motorcross events.

    And with that, a star was born.

No. 7: Work in the XGames Leads to Fame

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    Jamie's career took her from NBC to the Speed Channel, where she covered numerous events including boat racing and Daytona Supercross action.

    She eventually contacted the producers of ESPN's XGames about contributing and joined the network in 2002.

    She covered Moto X in both the summer and winter games and also worked as a co-host of ESPN's Great Outdoor Games.

No. 6: The Legend Grows

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    Jamie's work in Motocross and Supercross was noticed and she became a popular figure around the sport.  She even became a video game cover girl for MX World Tour Featuring Jamie Little.

    With her fame growing, an ascension in the broadcasting world was inevitable.

No. 5: Life in the Fastlane

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    In 2004, Little became the first woman to cover the Indianapolis 500 when she worked as a pit reporter.  After that, she also began covering NASCAR.

    She became a polarizing figure with racing fans and is never afraid to ask drivers tough questions.

    Just ask Kyle Busch.

No. 4: The Fantastic Four

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    How many pit row reporters have been in a major motion picture?

    The answer is one: Jamie Little.

    Her cameo in The Fantastic Four provided another chapter in her legacy.

No. 3: The FHM Photoshoot

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    Jamie Little appeared as the cover girl for the February 2004 edition of FHM. 

    Finally, we were all given a little glimpse of what was underneath those ugly fire-retardant suits...

No. 2: Now for the Steamy Details of Her Personal Life

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    Sadly, the details aren't really very steamy, just disappointing for her fans everywhere.

    Jamie got engaged to racing client manager Cody Selman earlier this year.  Selman works for Motorsports Management International, which represents NASCAR drivers Tony Stewart, Jamie McMurray and current Sprint Cup points leader Denny Hamlin.

    The two will be married somewhere near San Diego in December.

    Who wants to crash?

No. 1: The End

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    So what about that FHM photo shoot?  Without any further adieu, here is the cover shot.

    It's pretty easy to tell why Jamie's place among the hottest—and coolest—female sports reporters won't be threatened anytime soon.

    Follow Jamie on Twitter @jamielittletv to keep track of the latest news from the world of NASCAR.  Also, you can check out her website at www.jammielittle.com.