The Father Of Destruction: How Paul Bearer Could Fit Into Kane/Undertaker Feud

What EVERContributor ISeptember 29, 2010

Paul Bearer betrays The Undertaker for the first, and only time in, I believe 1996.
Paul Bearer betrays The Undertaker for the first, and only time in, I believe 1996.

As you all may know Paul Bearer returned to the WWE last Friday on SmackDown. Now, this was a good twist to the Kane/Undertaker feud, many people had doubts of how he could fit in this feud; is he to be just a manager who stands out ringside? Was he truly going to have microphone time, and play an essential part in this feud? Or, my personal third option.

Now, I'm sure that he will make an appearance at WWE Hell In A Cell, standing at ringside for The Undertaker. And I'm sure if Undertaker is getting the hell beat out of him, Paul keeps using the urn as a way to revitalize his strength (the good old days). But, (this is just an option) he could betray The Undertaker during his time of strength, and give Kane the win. Then he could return as the heel manager of Kane (I would hate to see this, because I love a good Undertaker & Paul pairing). This could keep the feud going on, I'm sure, much longer, and give it some added heat (like it need anymore). This would then force The Undertaker to have to find strength within himself, not the historic urn. The reason for his betrayal would be because of the murderous act committed on him by The Undertaker back in 2004. 

Well, tell me what you think of the idea (this is not a prediction for Hell In A Cell, just a fun idea I had).

P.S: Since when is Paul Bearer called the Father of Destruction? I have been following his career since his debut, and I have never once heard him being called this name. Please correct me if I'm wrong.