Kristin Cavallari: Is She Really This Into Jay Cutler or Just a Jock Chaser?

RM HeroldFeatured ColumnistSeptember 29, 2010

Kristin Cavallari: Is She Really This Into Jay Cutler or Just a Jock Chaser?

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    According to all the entertainment blogs, Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are the real deal.

    The sources revealed: "They laughed and had great conversation over their filet mignon meal.

    Cavallari tweeted on Monday: "I'm loving the chilly weather in Chi. Forgot how much I love seasons!"

    But is this the real deal?

    Let's examine.

5. It Could Be Real Because:

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    Cavallari seems like a real girl looking for love,

    As real as you can be when you have lived your life as a reality show.

...Cutler Seems Normal

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    Before this season Jay Cutler hasn't been celebrity blog material.

    So maybe they are just regular folks falling in love.

5. It's Not So Real Because:

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    Cavallari obviously has aspirations of making the transition from reality TV personality to actress.

    All press is good press when it comes to being famous.

    And staying famous.

...It Could All Be Part Of A Master Plan

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    She knows that with Jay at her side she is buzzing all over the net.

    So maybe even if she falls out of love her people will tell her to stick in at least until the season ends.

4. It Could Be Real Because:

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    If it was just a casual thing I don't think Cutler would be talking about it in public.

    Jocks tend to keep their private life private as much as possible until it's serious.

... Going On The Radio To Let It Out

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    Cutler told ESPN Radio that things are: "...going well...It's working out so far."

    I'm sure he notices the extra cameras following him aroundit's not just because he is playing better.

4. It's Not So Real Because:

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    Professional player hater and blogger Perez Hilton says it isn't.

    He is even taking bets as to how long it will last.

... The Guy Knows His Reality and Celebrity Gossip

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    Perez went on to say that either Cutler will find out about her "shenanigans".

    Or "the curse of The Simpleton (Jessica Simpson) will rear its ugly head and he'll have to dump her ass to improve his gameplay!"


3. It Could Be Real Because:

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    Cutler is not letting her celebrity and the paparazzi following them around get to him.

    In that same ESPN Radio interview when asked about all the gossip and rumors him and Cavallari, Orton said:

    "I'm so busy with football and [offensive coordinator] Mike [Martz] and stuff it's just hard to catch up with that. The only way I hear about it is if my sister tells me.

...Mimosas Mean It's Real

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    If People magazine spends the time to update people on you having mimosas it's got to be real.

    What I don't get is how come Mike Martz wasn't there.

    Shouldn't they be together constantly?

3. It's Not Real Because:

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    She is known to be a serial dater...

    Guys like Chris Evans, Brody Jenner and Nick Zano have all fallen for her magical powers, then been cast aside.

One Name Of Particular Interest...

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    Matt Leinart is also an ex.

    And taking into consideration where his career has gone, combine that with Perez Hilton's Simpleton curse and maybe Bears fans should be worried.

2. It Could Be Real Because:

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    Jake is playing so well.

    Maybe having a girl in his life and the right offensive coordinator is all it takes to get him playing well.

He Is A Changed Man

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    The reports coming out of Chicago are that he is in total command of the huddle and has taken a leadership role on the team.

    I say if it isn't broken, don't fix it. Lovie Smith should spring for the engagement ring.

2. It's Not Real Because:

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    She has been on two hit reality shows as a lead.

    The next step in her career is either getting a big movie role or getting her own reality TV show.

Her Next Career Move

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    In order for Cavallari to get her own gig she is going to need a big name boyfriend, like Kendra or Khloe and Kim Kardashian.

    Maybe Jay Cutler is going to be that guy.

It's Real Because:

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    Cutler is 27 and seems like the anti-Reggie Bush. By that I mean, he isn't out doing interviews and doing photo shoots and being seen as much.

    Maybe he is ready to settle down and he thinks this could be the girl for him.

Doesn't Seem Like The Reality TV Type

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    From watching his interviews, Cutler doesn't seem like the type to do reality TV appearances if she does get her own show.

    So if it isn't real, that could be what ends it.

1. It's Not Real Because:

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    Cavallari is really young (23) and she probably is just dating and trying to have fun.

    Even if she wanted to settle down, I'm sure her management team would advise against that.

Smart Decision

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    If this ends tomorrow it was still a great career move for Cavallari, because she kept her buzz going while figuring out her next move.

    Well played, Mauer.

The Verdict

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    In the end signs point to this being real but not serious. If they part ways it was probably fun while it lasted.

    And no she is not a jock chaser... yet.

    One more after Leinart and Cutler would make it a trend.

    So there you have it.

    In depth analysis.

    And a few pics.