BCS Bowl Predictions: Power Ranking the 10 Best National Championship Games

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer ISeptember 30, 2010

BCS Bowl Predictions: Power Ranking the 10 Best National Championship Games

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    It's never too early to speculate about how the college football season ends. It's never too early to look at the possible national championship scenarios if the season ended today.

    Let's make this clear so there's no mistaking where this list is coming from.

    We're taking the top five teams as of this moment in time and we'll rank them from 10 down to what would be the best national championship match up at the end of the year.

    So, the five teams we'll be talking about are Alabama, Ohio State, Boise State, TCU, and Oregon. We'll match up each team, we'll break down just how these will play out.

    Out of these five teams, who do the fans want to see in the title game? Who would you want to see in the BCS National Championship game that would make you anxious about their matchup?

    Let's get to it.

No. 10: TCU Vs Boise State

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    Let's start right off the bat by saying, we've seen this game two straight years and although there were different outcomes each of the last two years, we don't want to see this again for a third straight year.

    Not saying it wouldn't be a good matchup, but it's not one that college football fans jump for joy about.

    Been there, done that. No thanks.

No. 9: TCU Vs Alabama

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    Two good teams and a game that might be closer than some think. TCU has some solid players, but Alabama's depth would be the problem in this game.

    There's no doubt the Horned Frogs will be amped for this matchup. How could you not be when it's the biggest stage in college football?

    TCU has a solid defense, Alabama has a solid offense. It's a give and take in this one but only one knows how to close out games and that's Alabama.

    Might be a good one, but not good enough.

No. 8: Oregon Vs Boise State

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    This would be a definite offensive battle. They've put up points against their opponents and they've been able to come away with wins even when they're hard fought.

    Oregon boasts one of the top running backs in college football in LaMichael James while Boise State boasts one of the best quarterbacks in Kellen Moore.

    While this might be a solid game between the two teams, this is more suited as a non-conference game than the national championship.

    Hey, there's an idea.

No. 7: TCU Vs Ohio State

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    While it may seem like I'm hating on TCU, that's not really the case.

    The reasoning behind having TCU so far down the list, as far as who would want to watch them in the national championship, is because, well, TCU just doesn't garner the ratings.

    Sure the campus is in Fort Worth, one of the largest cities in the state of Texas. However, this state is filled more with Texas and Oklahoma fans, not to mention Texas A&M and Texas Tech.

    TCU has always been on the outside looking in. Not saying it's not a good team, it just don't have the fan support.

    As for Ohio State, it may get a challenge from TCU when they're on a neutral field. It may be a good game for a little while, but if TCU can't put up points against Boise State, let alone win, not sure it's going to do much better against the Buckeyes.

No. 6: Oregon Vs TCU

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    This is another one of those that looks more like a non-conference game than a game that should be up in lights on the marquee.

    Both teams have their strengths, both have their weaknesses. However, putting them together won't bring the entire country to their television sets to watch the biggest game of the post season.

No. 5: Oregon Vs Alabama

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    This would be a game that I would definitely watch, but I'm not sure the rest of the country would.

    I know I argued a few weeks ago that Oregon should be the number one team in the country and, while I believed what I wrote, I have to admit that Alabama showed me a little something against Arkansas this past weekend.

    That's what makes me believe that this wouldn't exactly be a fair fight or a ratings grabber.

No. 4: Boise State Vs Ohio State

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    Now that we've taken TCU out of the equation, we may as well take one more knotch out of the belt of Boise State.

    The Broncos have the nation's attention and for different reasons. It seems three-quarters of the country hates them with a passion and wants the national championship talk surrounding them to stop.

    The other quarter of the country enjoys the story of David trying to knock off Goliath. They like the blue turf, they respect Coach Peterson, and they like the players.

    This is one of those games that people will do one of two things. They'll either tune into the game and root for Ohio State to beat the daylights out of Boise State to shut them up forever or they'll root for Boise State to shock the world. There is no in-between.

No. 3: Alabama Vs Boise State

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    I want to put Boise State higher on the list but I remember that I have to put my bias for Boise State aside and see what will grab ratings.

    However, I will say this. There's no question in my mind, whether you agree with me or not, that this game will grab ratings all over the country.

    As I said about the potential Boise State versus Ohio State match up, people will either root like crazy for the Broncos or they'll root for Ohio State to rip them apart.

    While I would love to see this game, I'm not sure this would be a fair fight either, no matter how good I think Boise State is.

    The BCS will get ratings for it, they'll sell plenty of tickets, but it's not the game that everyone wants to see.

    Sorry Boise.

No. 2: Oregon Vs Ohio State

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    Close, but no cigar.

    This would be an intriguing match up to just about every college football in the nation. Well, except for the SEC fans that believe their conference should always get an automatic bid into the BCS title game.

    Oregon's high powered offense against Ohio State's high powered offense.

    A lot of scoring, a lot of points, and one heck of a game. But not quite the match up that will land the biggest ratings. Not to mention I'm afraid of what jerseys the Ducks may wear.

    Sorry Oregon.

No. 1: Alabama Vs Ohio State

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    Let's be real honest here. At least I'm hoping some of us can be.

    If you're a college football fan, this is the game that you want to see at the end of the year. These are the two team that you want to see match up on the biggest stage of college football.

    The Alabama Crimson Tide and the Ohio State Buckeyes in the BCS National Championship game. The SEC versus the Big Ten.

    Now this is a ratings grabber and one that will get you excited for one last college football game.