Nick Collins and the Top 10 Most Bizarre Player-Fan Brouhahas

Bailey Brautigan@BBrautiganFeatured ColumnistSeptember 29, 2010

Nick Collins and the Top 10 Most Bizarre Player-Fan Brouhahas

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    Green Bay Packers safety Nick Collins is getting quite a bit of media attention after Monday night's game against the Chicago Bears.

    And it isn't for his on-field performance.

    Collins was caught on camera throwing his mouthguard at a belligerent Bears fan after losing to the Bears, but it appears that he was provoked.

    Even though player-fan interaction is strongly discouraged by most teams, this isn't the first time an athlete has had an altercation with a fan.

    Here are the top-10 most bizarre player-fan confrontations in sports.

10. Nick Collins

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    Nick Collins appears to have thrown his mouthguard at a Bears fan this past Monday after losing to Chicago.

    Collins has since apologized for "losing his cool," but this fan probably deserved it.

    Especially if the fan provoked Collins by spitting on him and using racial slurs, like Collins is saying.

    With that kind of behavior, this fan deserves to be banned from Soldier Field, and he is an embarrassment to the entire city.

    Don't worry, Chicago. We know you're better than that.

9. Shaun Ellis

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    Shaun Ellis of the New York Jets was caught on tape taking this snowball fight a little too seriously.

    Seahawks fans were hurling snowballs at Jets players as they left the field, and Ellis thought it would be a good idea to pick up a huge chunk of snow and dump it on a fan.

    He said that he was just trying to have fun with the fans, but judging by the size of that chunk of snow and ice, I'd say he took it a bit too far.

8. Eric Cantona

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    Cantona's "Kung Fu Kick" made headlines all around the world in 1995.

    During a match against Crystal Palace, after being sent off, Cantona channeled his inner Bruce Lee and went soaring into the stands with a martial arts-style kick.

    Nick Collins is looking like a big teddy bear right now. Isn't he folks?

7. Kip Brennan

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    While playing for the Hershey Bears, Kip Brennan got into an altercation with a Manchester Monarchs fan who attacked him through the glass.

    The fight resulted in a few landed punches and one ruined t-shirt.

    This is why I love minor league hockey!

6. Frank Francisco

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    During a game against Oakland in 2004, Frank Francisco threw a chair into the stands after a fight broke out between Doug Brocail and an Oakland fan.

    Francisco missed the rowdy fan, and ended up hitting a woman in the face and, ultimately, breaking her nose.

    He was suspended for the rest of the season.

5. Cedric Maxwell

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    During the 1981 Eastern Conference Finals, Cedric Maxwell loses his cool and goes a little crazy on a fan.

    It's OK, though. Maxwell will go on to win the 1981 Finals MVP award.

4. Kellen Huston

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    Kellen Huston is a pretty sore loser, and he took his frustration out on Missouri Tigers fan.

    He knocks the kid out cold, but it would have been a lot sweeter if the Mizzou fan was at least half of Huston's size.

    Have to love Frank Solich acting like he cares.

3. Tie Domi

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    I've heard that Flyers fans are pretty annoying, so I sympathize with Domi as he squirts his water bottle at Philly fans.

    Unfortunately, this fan has to act like a tough guy, and ends up falling into the box with Domi.

2. Boston Bruins

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    Players have been fighting fans long before Nick Collins threw his mouthguard into the stands.

    Just check out the 1979 Boston Bruins storming the stands to knock out a few spectators.

1. Ron Artest and Company

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    You knew this was coming, didn't you?

    There is no greater player-fan brawl than the Malice at the Palace.

    This whole fiasco starts with a hard foul on Ben Wallace, and then the entire building breaks out in an all-out riot.

    And we loved every second of it.