Week 4 NFL Picks – 2010

Paul RaymondCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2010

It’s Wednesday again, so it’s time to start making some decisions on this week NFL games. There are some pretty big matchups again this week. We’ve got the return of Donovan McNabb to Philadelphia, a major AFC East battle on Monday night and a huge matchup between the Ravens and Steelers. So who wins his week?

Here’s your Week 4 NFL Picks, as always the home team is in bold.

ATLANTA 27, San Francisco 16
New York Jets 26, BUFFALO 13 – Marshawn Lynch Back on the Block??
PITTSBURGH 17, Baltimore 13
LOCK – NEW ORLEANS 24, Carolina 14
TENNESSEE 27, Denver 16
Cincinnati 20, CLEVELAND 13
GREEN BAY 26, Detroit 17
UPSET – ST. LOUIS 24, Seattle 20
Indianapolis 27, JACKSONVILLE 16
Houston 30, OAKLAND 23
SAN DIEGO 30, Arizona 17
PHILADELPHIA 26, Washington 20
Chicago 24, NEW YORK GIANTS 17
New England 24, MIAMI 23

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Here are a few thoughts on some of the games.

Atlanta / San Francisco – I think this game is as close to a lock as you can get but there is one thing that makes me nervous. This is your classic trap game, the Falcons had a big road win over a division rival now come home to play a winless team. Can the coaching staff keep the Dirty Birds focused? If so, should be an easy win.

Pittsburgh / Baltimore – So much has been said about the Steelers being undefeated with a band-aid holding the quarterback position together. This will be the teams last week without Big Ben and it’s a tough contest against the Ravens vaunted defense. Luckily for the Steelers there defense is just as good and Baltimore’s offense itself is pretty damn bad. Add in all those factors and the Steelers should do just enough to make sure they’re undefeated when their starter returns.

St. Louis / Seattle – I’ve said it before, I don’t like the Seahawks, never will. They may be playing well right now under the new regime but it doesn’t hide the fact that they aren’t actually that good of a team. Now don’t get me wrong St. Louis isn’t either but they are a young team slowly putting things together. The Rams defense has been solid all year, giving up about 16 points a game. At the same time, new QB Sam Bradford is quickly figuring out the speed and defenses of the NFL, evident by the 30 points the team put up against the Redskins last week. With this being a home game, I think the Rams can do just enough to pull this out.

Philadelphia / Washington – With the return of #5 to Philadelphia this will be one emotional game, but then again what NFC East divisional contest isn’t? I’m thinking the winner of this game is going to be whichever teams QB makes the least mistakes. Both have something to show, Michael Vick wants to prove that he is a better fit for the Eagles, McNabb was and justify Coach Andy Reid’s decision to trade the veteran. On the other side, Donovan is going to want to prove Reid wrong and put on a show in front of his old fans. Personally, I think Vick keeps his emotions in check and wins this game for Eagles. Out of both QB’s he’s the one more likely to tuck the ball and run instead of throwing an untimely interception, which is what I think #5 will do late in the fourth quarter.

Chicago / NY Giants – Really quick, it pains me to say this but the Giants should suffer another embarrassing loss in front of their home crowd. I’d love to see them come out and play like it means something but I just don’t see the leadership on the defensive side of the ball. Michael Strahan is justified in calling the unit out because they look like they just don’t give a shit.

New England / Miami – This is going to be another great early season matchup for the Monday Night Football crew. They’ve got to love the schedule makers so far, last week they got the Packers and Bears, now this week they’ve got another battle for first place. I think this game will be even closer then last weeks MNF with Tom Brady leading the Pats downfield for a game winning field goal with about a minute left on the clock.

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Last Week’s Record – 10-6
Season Record – 18-14
Locks – 2-0
Upsets – 1-1
Correct Final Scores – 0
Partial Final Scores (1 team correct) – 2