Dez Bryant: Why His $55K Meal Could Lead Cowboys To Super Bowl

RM HeroldFeatured ColumnistSeptember 29, 2010

Dez Bryant: Why His $55K Meal Could Lead Cowboys to Super Bowl

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    You knew they would get him.

    It was a rite of passage and after raising eyebrows with initially refusing to be hazed, (he refused to carry Roy Williams' shoulder pads), you knew Dez Bryant would have something coming to him.

    But who knew it would be so expensive?

    For those that didn't hear, Dez Bryant went to eat with some of his teammates at Pappas Brothers Steakhouse, and before he knew it, Roy WiIliams had invited the whole team to eat.

    The whole team.

    Of course, the bill came out to around $55,000, and it was handed to Bryant.

    But this could be a good thing, right?

10. It Shows That Bryant Can Be Humble

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    His initial reaction to being asked to carry the shoulder pads during preseason?

    "I'm not doing it," Bryant said then. "I feel like I was drafted to play football, not carry another player's pads."

    But after this happened, it seemed like it was taken in good fun.

    A man named David Wells, who is said to be Bryant's adviser, told ESPN: "They got the young fella. What could he say? He had to pay it unless he wanted to wash dishes for a month."

9. Diversion

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    This works as a perfect diversion from people who want to talk about the fact that the Cowboys are 1-2.

    Now during the bye week critics can wring their hands and talk about how excessive the bill for the meal was.

    The Cowboys can practice in peace and figure out how to get back to .500.

8. Keeps Dallas on Everyone's Mind

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    Even during a bye week, the Cowboys are the talk of the league. Jerry Jones reminds us that this is America's team, and this is more evidence of that.

    So Jones can remind his team during practice that the world is watching you, and you are all so interesting that everything you do leads off Sportscenter.

    The confidence of knowing that you are the team everybody gears up for will help the 'Boys never get complacent.

7. Less Stress on The Team

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    By everyone on the team joking and having fun with this, the team will be able to relax this off week.

    They will probably have some get-togethers and bond even more.

    And also, they know that at least one and probably two of their division foes will lose this week.

6. Wade Phillips Out Of Conversation

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    Though Jerry Jones said it wasn't going to happen, a lot of talk was going around about whether Wade Phillips was going to be fired if Dallas was 0-3 in to the bye week.

    Now, not only have they won a game, but they played well. So talk of expensive meals is another topic that can take away from Wade having to talk.

    He seems to be in pain every time he gets in front of a microphone.

5. Less Chance Of Another Players Meeting

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    Contrary to popular belief, players hate "Players only meetings."

    You never hear great or undefeated teams having "players only meetings."

    Hopefully that dinner is all the player meetings they will need for a while.

4. Roy Williams Is Feeling Good About Himself

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    Since the moment Roy Williams became a Cowboy, he has been labeled as a disappointment. But so far this season, he has been playing really well.

    He came within a holding penalty from being the touchdown catching hero in Week 1, and he had a lights out game against Houston.

    So maybe him pulling a stunt like this on the rookie Bryant is proof that he thinks he has his mojo back.

3. Less Chance Of Jerry Jones Doing Something Drastic

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    Jerry Jones is hosting this year's Super Bowl and he won't let anyone forget it. The last thing he wants is for his team to not even be in the conversation of possible Super Bowl contenders.

    So if he sees this as a bonding moment for the team and thinks he is getting a return on his investment, he might not feel the need to do something crazy like firing or trading someone.

    In fact, to make himself look even more like a hero, maybe he'll reimburse the rookie.

2. Minimizes Other Distractions

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    Maybe while everyone is talking about this during the bye week, Miles Austin won't have to answer questions as to whether or not he is still dating Kim Kardashian.

    And Romo won't have to answer questions about the last time he had a hot blond girlfriend and whether or not he is going to go away during the week like the last time.

    Anything that keeps the tabloids from digging deep into personal matters can't be a bad thing.

1. Clears Bryant's Conscience

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    Larry French/Getty Images

    Since the incident with the shoulder pads happened, Bryant has been nothing but apologetic and contrite.

    But now that Roy Williams has pulled such an expensive stunt on him, I'm sure his conscience is clear.

    He can go out and take Williams' starting spot without feeling bad about dissing the guy earlier.

    Every man for himself now.

    Which I hope is the case, since I have him on my fantasy team.