Don't Feel The Heat: Are The Miami Heat Overhyped?

Eli ChesnerCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2010

There comes a point in time when people have to make changes and move from one place to another. That's exactly what Lebron James and Chris Bosh did in the offseason. But a lot of players moved like Amare Stoudimire, David Lee, and Carlos Boozer. But its the way Lebron moved and went on with his life. He embarrassed himself on National Television and he embarrassed the state of Ohio and the city of Cleveland. Bosh didn't even say anything. It's like going on national TV to announce that you are switching phone lines from AT&T to Verizon. Or saying that I am eating at outback steakhouse tonight instead of Chili's.(Think the ESPYS and Steve Carroll). It was so disturbing to me what he did.

And now to the present day. Training Camps are underway and Miami is training at an Air Force base in Northeast Florida. Reason? Because Pat Riley wants the Heat to be in someplace greater then them. Thats ridiculous. The Heat aren't great until they play. They haven't even played a regular season game together for a second yet.

This is what is bothering me. Most people (not me) are picking the Heat to not only win 70+ games, not only break the Lakers 33 game win streak, not only sweep their way to the Finals, but to dominate the Lakers or whoever they play in the Finals. Ridiculous. And to make it worse, ESPN has like a million reporters down there just because they opened training camp. Amazing.

People are forgetting about things. We are all under this magical spell the Heat put us under when they got Wade, Bosh, and Lebron, but we are forgetting about the teams that have actually tried and not just give up.

The Lakers won the Finals for the last 2 years. They have the best player in the game right now in Kobe Bryant and the best coach in NBA history in Phil Jackson. They have a better game down low with Paul Gasol and Andrew Bynum then the Heat do. Kobe combined has 5 rings while the Heat's big 3 only have 1. I feel bad for the Lakers. I really do. But they don't care. All the pressure is on the Heat right now so the Lakers are saying "No pressure on us". Which is true. Usually teams that have won 2 titles in a row, let alone 1, are under so much pressure. Not the Lakers. And they are fine with that.

Another team people are forgetting about. The Boston Celtics. Who won the East last year and pushed the Lakers to 7 games? Not the Heat, that's for sure. Yes, Boston is getting older and older by the day (so is every other team), but they have so much size on that team with Kevin Garnett, Shaq, Jermaine O'Neal, and Kendrick Perkins. They have shooting stars like Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. They have energetic guys like Rajon Rondo and Nate Robinson. They won the East last year and noone is giving them credit. I am. But don't expect them back this year.

Expect the Orlando Magic to win the East this year. That's right. The Heat aren't even the best team in Florida. The Magic have the best Center in the game in Dwight Howard and Vince Carter will likely have a comeback year. 

There is no way the Heat go to the Finals in their 1st year. There is to much competition in the East with the Celtics, Magic, Hawks, and Bulls. And with the Knicks, Bucks and Wizards getting better it will be tough. 

Even comparing the Heat to the Lakers is not fair. 

PG- Derek Fisher(LAL) > Mario Chalmers(MIA)

SG- Kobe(LAL) = Dwayne Wade(MIA)

SF- Ron Artest(LAL)< Lebron James(MIA)

PF- Paul Gasol(LAL)> Chris Bosh(MIA)(bearly)

C- Andrew Bynum(LAL) > Zydrunas Ilgauska(man thats an annoying name)(MIA)

Head Coach- Phil Jackson(LAL)>>>>>>>> Erik Spoelstra(MIA)

Overall, the Lakers are better, and winning the Finals. The Heat are overhyped and not setting any records this year. Oh well. Sorry Heat fans, but an article like this had to come out eventually.