Michael Vick: Reminicent of Good Ol' No. 12

Keilyn EllisCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2010

The Legend
The LegendAl Bello/Getty Images

Michael Vick reminds me a lot of the great No. 12, Randall Cunningham, for the '90s Philadelphia Eagles, minus the flat top, of course. And the bulky pads of yesteryear which would flap in the wind with every scintillating juke; Bam bam BAM! Ankles, ankles, ankles!

Gone are the burdensome braids and political pandering. Here is the new Michael Vick getting some love for throwing the ball.

It was said that Randall Cunningham could fling a ball 80 yards with the greatest of ease.

Michael Vick is still waiting on his 80-yard laser, missile hydrogen bomb he fires out of his cannon blaster arm-like extremity to DeSean Jackson.

Michael Vick could even be better than his predecessor Cunningham with his lightning fast speed and quick delivery. Time will only tell is Michael Vick will go down as the best QB in Eagles history!