Chad Johnson: Not Internet Friendly

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Chad Johnson: Not Internet Friendly

When it comes to running routes, catching clutch passes, or end zone dances; Chad Johnson is among the best. When it comes to browsing the Internet or maintaining his own  webpage, Chad couldn't tell you how to Google himself.

After hearing the latest Chad Johnson hype on ESPN, I decided to check out his webpage. Looks pretty flashy (an ocho cinco standard) however the blog seems to be broken...

That's alright Chad I'm not down on you for just that, even though it has been that way for months. My main concern is your lack of friends on MySpace...

Seriously Chad, 107 friends ? My dog had 107 friends when he signed up. Millions of people watch you every week and only 107 friends. I went ahead and sent you a friend request. Chad with my help you will have 108 friends.

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