Angel, We Love You Too: Real Madrid Stymies Auxerre, 1-0

Gabe LezraContributor IIISeptember 28, 2010

When everything seemed hopeless, when Madrid's "gunpowder" looked wet, when this writer was holding his head in his angel picked up the down-trodden blancos and blasted them into first place in their Champions League group.

That angel was Ángel di María, who slipped behind the resilient Auxerre defense in the 81st minute to push Mesut Özil's cross into the net—in doing this he not only salvaged a thoroughly depressing game from the brink, but also may have ignited Madrid's spark.

Like Europe in 1936, or like JWoww and Sammi Sweatheart, Real Madrid Club de Fútbol has been about to explode, in fact, we've just been waiting for that ticking time bomb.

This isn't to say everything has been hunky-dory with our team over the past week or so.

From the embarrassing tie against Levante, to the Spanish press' chagrin that Mou left media-darling Pedro León off the roster for the Auxerre match, it seemed like Madrid was hurtling off a building in virtual free fall.

Pundits have been so aghast that we could easily have substituted the headline: "Florentino Pérez has decided to relocate Real Madrid to Sudan, change the team crest to a flaming upside down cross, and forced the players to wear read, blue and yellow" into all of the stories.

Calm down! This team has conceded one goal. They haven't lost a game. They are the youngest team in the Liga BBVA, with the best coach in the world. They have some of the most electric young players in world football right now in Özil, di María, Gonzalo Higuaín, and Karim Benzema. There will be growing pains.

So for now, let's thank our guardian Ángel, and move on to the next one. A por ellos!