Smackdown's Move To Syfy! 8 Possible SyFy Spin-Off Shows.

John KindelanAnalyst IIISeptember 29, 2010

Smackdown's Move To Syfy! 8 Possible SyFy Spin-Off Shows.

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    Smackdown makes the move to Syfy this coming Friday, Oct. 1.

    Should be a great event, Rey Mysterio makes his return, Nexus and John Cena will be showing up, and with all the work they're putting into the promos, I really hope that the actual show is just as great as the commercials.

    Last week on Smackdown we saw the weary Undertaker re-energized by the magic of The Urn with Paul Berrer.

    This arises a couple of questions, who is in the urn? Anyone else thinking that the urn contains mommy?

    The Undertaker is once again a 'magical' being; will this bring the return of Kane's mask and make him more unstoppable monster again?

    With the magical Taker returning, what other supernatural type items and story lines will we see on SyFy?

    Here is a list of at least eight possible spin offs.

1. Brothers Of Destruction

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    The Brothers of Destruction find their third brother and bring him to Smackdown!

    A Demon from Hell! joins up with his brothers Kane and Taker to totally dominate WWE; maybe they can bring back The Boogeyman.

    What forces of good will stand up to the brothers and drive them back to the burning pits of the underworld?

    If you follow the WWE comic that has been coming out, you'd know this is a story line not that far from possibly happening.

2. Kofi Kingston Vampire Killer

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    Kofi and the boom squad go after Dracula, Edward, Nosferatu, and any other bloodsucker with fangs.

    With a devastating leg drop that decapitates the minions of Dracula, Kofi combines his wrestling skills with his pseudo-Jamaican background a blend of his martial arts with the dark arts.

    Tune into SyFy Sundays at 10pm for Kofi Kingston Vampire Killer!

3 The Fantastic MVP

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    In a terrible assault by the mole people, the Fantastic Four suffer a great loss as Mr. Fantastic stretches to the point in which he literally snaps.

    Without their leader and direction the turn to the one man who can bring the master of the "Ballllin!" to the team.

    Montel Vontavius Porter.

    MVP leads up the team, turning the FF headquarters into a larger MVP lounge complete with Ben Grimm working the front door.

4. Straight Edge Speed

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    While giving a fantastic promo and ensuring the demise of an NXT Divas show by blatantly shouting out to the world that its awful, CM Punk is struck by lightning and imbued with the gift of super speed.

    No chemicals were involved in the giving of Punk his speed, even in his superhero origin, he's Straight Edge.

    Fighting off the evils of those that would corrupt our youth with chemicals, drinking, drugs, and alcohol, CM Punk at light speed delivers a message of clean living and cuts you down on how much better than he is than you without losing a step.

5. Runnnn It's The Giant

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    With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound
    He pulls the high tension wires down, He's Big Show!

    Helpless people on subway trains
    Scream BUG-EYED as he looks in on them, He's Big Show!

    He picks up a bus and he throws it back down
    As he wades through the buildings toward the center of town, Go Big Show!

    Oh no, they say he's got to go 
    Go go The Big Show, yeah
    Oh no, there goes Tokyo 
    Go go The Big Show, yeah

6. Hola, Mira En Esta Luz Por Favor

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    The latest addition to the department of managing alien control, Alberto Del Rio, the new Man in Black.

    Each week we watch Alberto take down a different alien threat, binding them with his magical scarf and turning them back over to Zed for detainment.

    Not only does he look cooler than Will Smith while doing it, he's brought his own ring announcer to give the play-by-play of the capture of our visitors from another world.

7. The Tag Team Division Is Not Dead!

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    Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre get labeled Ghost Hunters as they are delving into the land of the dead, also known in WWE as the Tag Team Division.

    Ghost of the past return as their challengers: La Resistance, The Bushwackers, The Killer Bees, and Can-Am Connection all return to go for, bronze.

8. The Chronicles Of Kelly Kelly

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    Only advanced robots from the future could build something as perfect as Kelly Kelly.

    She gets a match on NXT season 3 and the next week....the show gets terminated.

    To bad they didn't install a wrestling maneuvers chip.


    Well, she still looks good.