Matt Hardy: Enough Is Enough Already

Matt OffermannCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2010

Ok Matt Hardy has been in the news a lot lately. To be honest, I have lost track of all he is complaining about. He hasn't had much of a push in quite a while now.

It seems to me that this is becoming a type of Paris Hilton act where he just wants to be in the news now. Whatever Matt or Matthew Hardy decides to do he needs to do it now because it looks like he is not only losing fans, but interest from the WWE.

So sorry if you were expecting a full out article, this thing is starting to get more annoying than the new GM thing. So Hardy if you happen to read this, we get the point already, you are upset with the WWE just either get over it, or go to TNA.

So please somebody at least say they feel the same way about this.