When Do Atheletes Over Step The Boundaries From Being Loved To Hated?

Tomi SalvucciContributor IAugust 14, 2008


When you're voted the MVP, you can talk. When you bad mouth your hometown fans on national TV, then go zero for your next seven at bats you get smacked in the face with some well deserved criticism.


Jimmy Rollins is in that position right now. 

On last nights airing of "The Best Damn Sports Show", Rollins and fellow Philly Ryan Howard sounded off about the lack of respect they feel the Philadelphia fans provide.  Citing that when you play well they love you and when you play bad they boo you....?

Well duh!

The problem Jimmy, is that you haven't played well for most of this year.  With your lazy jaunts around the bases and terrible situational hitting you have amounted to nothing more than the bad version of Willy Mays Hayes.  Just put it on the ground and make the defense get you out.

Philly fans, for all their faults, are anything but disloyal.  Your team is one of only four teams to sell out all home games this season.  So if they pay, they can boo.  Get over it Frances!

It has been 15 years since the city has sniffed a World Series, and 28 years since a World Championship.  With all the upper management blunders, and the lack luster prospects coming through the system, they finally had hope.  Now...nothing.

Thanks Lazy-Jimmy and the K-King. Philly has even more to complain about.