NBA Rumors: NY Knicks Still Very Much Alive In Carmelo Anthony Sweepstakes

Lou GeorgalasContributor ISeptember 28, 2010

Laughing all the way to New York City
Laughing all the way to New York CityMarc Piscotty/Getty Images

The proposed four-team deal that would have sent Carmelo Anthony to New Jersey is no longer being actively pursued by the hopeless Nets.

The doormat, cross town little brother of the NY Knicks appear to have come up short once again in their pursuit to land a big name star this off-season. 

Sources reported that Nets general manager Billy King had issued a Tuesday deadline to the Nuggets to finally accept or reject the original proposal, which would have sent Nets rookie Derrick Favors, Jazz veteran Andrei Kirilenko, and two future first-round picks to Denver.

While the Nets thought this was a done deal it turns out Denver held talks with other teams about Anthony much to the dismay of all individual players involved. Two days into training camp and surprisingly Melo remains in Denver. The winner here; The NY Knicks.

The hesitant, trigger-shy Nuggets must truly be delusional to actually believe they can convince their franchise player to remain in Denver long term. They must be crazy to even have considered a trade, that as constructed, would have brought them $10 million in additional salary and tax costs this season.

Why in the world would you trade your best player for a rookie, a washed up veteran, two first-round picks, and worse of all additional salary?

Oh and by the way; your not getting Stephen Curry in a Carmelo package. No way, not going to happen. The winner here; The NY Knicks.

After Tuesday's first practice of the season with the Nuggets, speaking to local reporters.

"As far as that trade stuff goes, I'm here right now. Whatever happens is going to happen. Like I said Monday at media day, I'll let the front office handle that. I never asked to be traded." Anthony said.

Let me decipher that for you; "I hold all the playing cards and leverage here. I will decide where I will play and when it will happen. I never asked to be traded because I will leave at season's end as a free-agent and sign with the Knicks."

Let's face the facts here, the Denver Nuggets are in serious trouble and should stop with the nonsense, ridiculous accusations that the Knicks tampered with Melo this past summer.

They need to realize that the longer they delay the inevitable the more problematic this situation becomes. Anthony, has stressed his desire to be in NY and it seems like the Nuggets will do whatever it takes to stop that from happening, even if it winds up that they lose him with no compensation.

It drives me up a wall to hear the organization make comments that the Knicks will be the last resort. Really? The longer you wait to pull the trigger, the shorter period of time Melo has to stay in Denver and wind up in NY on his own. You don't hold leverage here.

The quicker you realize that, the easier this transition will be. The winner here; The NY Knicks.

What is so bad about a potential trade sending Danilo Gallinari (who will take another step toward Dirk Nowitzki territory this season), Anthony Randolph (a former lottery pick with an enormous upside), Toney Douglas (a rugged, defensive minded point-guard) and the expiring contract of Eddie Curry?

I believe that the Knicks would actually be giving up too much in this deal, but would have to pull the trigger if presented to land one of the top five players in the game.

One way or another Carmelo Anthony will be playing in Madison Square Garden. The Denver Nuggets must decide if they will get compensation back for him or be "Lebroned."