Michael Vick 2.0: Why the Rejuvenated Vick Is Better Than Ever

Dominic PerilliContributor IIISeptember 28, 2010

Michael Vick vs. Jacksonville Jaguars - Week 3
Michael Vick vs. Jacksonville Jaguars - Week 3Doug Benc/Getty Images

Now that Michael Vick has been promoted to the starter in Philly, many (including myself) are riding the Vick train. Yes, there are those folks out there who are still adamant on hating the guy for his past. I do not condone what he did but I believe in second chances. Now that my point-of-view has been posted for the world to see, here are my reasons on why this new Vick is bigger, faster, and better overall than the Falcons' Vick.

Speed. Michael Vick's speed post-prison is something that many had concerns about. Will he be as fast as before? Is he able to make the same ankle-breaking shakes? The answer to these is yes and yes. In the first three games of the 2010 season, Vick made many players look silly and rushed for 170 yards and 1 touchdown in those three games combined; his speed looks like it never changed. 

Passing and Accuracy. In Atlanta, Vick had a 53.8% completion percentage throughout his six seasons there. So far this season, he has a 60.7% completion percentage and has completed 54 of 89 passes with 6 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. Vick has emerged as a pass-first quarterback this time around and he possesses the prettiest throw in the NFL, in my opinion. The way he zips the football into the tightest spaces is amazing. One thing is for sure, he looks nothing like he did in Atlanta and I say that as a good thing; much of this success can be attributed to the coaching skills of Marty Mornhinwheg and Andy Reid

Elusiveness and Escapability. Good news - Michael Vick is still as elusive as he was pre-prison. Despite being sacked a league-leading 11 times, Vick was still able to amass the excellent stats that he has; Texans' QB Matt Schaub has also been sacked 11 times. Schaub has a 94.7 passer rating and Vick has a cool 110.2 (a career high after three games). Often times, when Vick was in Atlanta, he would be thinking run first and teams were able to defend it better. In Philly, Vick stays in the pocket as long as possible which forces the defense to drop back in coverage. After the D is nestled a comfortable 12 yards behind the line of scrimmage, number seven then is able to take off for a sweet gain. 

Bravo, Coach Reid, you made an excellent call by replacing Kevin Kolb with Mr. Vick. Not only is Vick a re-born superstar, he is a more accurate, faster, and smarter superstar this time around. I see nothing but success for Vick and the Birds in 2010.