Greg's Keys to Making the NHL Section Even Better

Greg CaggianoSenior Writer IAugust 14, 2008

I've just been sitting here damn near bored to death, reading through some hockey articles here on Bleacher Report. Normally, I only read through Rangers ones, but tonight, I made my way around the entire NHL section.

Let me start off by saying that I'm lucky to be a part of this community, let alone a Community Leader for the Rangers. As a CL and some sort of position of power, it is my job to read through articles in my section and edit them, as much as they need to be.

I'll be honest, I haven't really had the time for it, but I have read some articles over the last few weeks that Merriam-Webster themselves couldn't even help. (For the sake of maintaining some air of professionalism, I won't name the articles or the writers.)

I once saw an article written entirely in capital letters and if that wasn't annoying enough, every once and a while a word wouldn't be capitalized and almost every sentence had a spelling mistake.

Now, I realize, we are only human and all make mistakes with writing, but that is why the good Lord has given us Spell Check. That's right! You know that little thing that AUTOMATICALLY corrects misspelled words and not only just points it out to you, but highlights it with a bright orange line!

Is it that troublesome to then correct your misspelled words by simply right clicking on it and then selecting the right spelling?

It must be.

Now to the next item, grammar. There are these little things called "commas" that are kind of like periods only they are use in the middle of sentences and not at the ends. They look like this: "," in case you've never seen one.

Now, I can't blame you for bad grammar since Bleacher Report does not come with a type of checking system for that thing (Oh, Zander, how about it?)

But the majority of people here have graduated high school, or like myself, have at least made it through a few years. In order to have found this site and gotten up the feeling to start writing, one must have some kind of intelligence and grammar awareness.

But then again, I just got off the phone with someone who thought that Russian tanks were going to invade Florida after they were done with Georgia, so you never know.

Now to another subject, false tagging and advertising.

I know I'm not alone on this matter because I believe someone else wrote an article about this, so here goes.

Thank God when Bleacher Report did their upgrade they instituted a system that allows for a limited amount of tags, because quite frankly, it was absolutely necessary. I once saw a New York Rangers article that had a tag for not only the New Jersey Devils, but the Cincinnati Bengals as well. Hello! Hello! Hello! Boink! Are you there? Yes, it's real.

Now to advertising, yes it is okay to promote a website or blog of your own, as I have done, but only if it is sports related. Advertising a blog about politics you have has nothing to do with sports, even if the administrator is a hockey fan.

Lastly, how about comments. Believe it or not, comments are more important then the articles themselves because without them, there would be no reason to publish articles. Feedback is always welcome, but how many comments have I seen that just say, "Hey man, nice article!"? Too many.

If you like the article, then by all means say it, but please provide some sort of input. Don't say that you have no response and all you can say to it is "that's a great article" because only good articles allow for responses and if you have none, then the article wasn't that good in the first place.

Also, to you lame brain sobs that like to register just for the sake of bashing a writer in one comment, enough is enough. It's time for IP address banning here, then it will stop.

Well, I think that wraps it up. This section is still the best on BR and for good reason. We have great community leaders that actually care and for that, is the reason i keep writing, and also because there is an audience.

And as a writer with an audience, I feel it is necessary to put out the absolute best I have in me, and not just write for the sake of writing. Please, heed this advice and try to improve so this section can become even better in the future!