2010-11 NBA Preview: 10 NBA Records That Will Be Broken This Year

Dan Schultz@DSchultz89Contributor ISeptember 29, 2010

2010-11 NBA Preview: 10 NBA Records That Will Be Broken This Year

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    With the offseason finally starting to wrap up, it is time to look at 10 NBA records that could very well be broken this upcoming year.

    While a few of these certainly might be perceived as "going out on a limb," I believe all 10 of these have a somewhat realistic chance of happening.

    Then again, breaking 10 records in one year is an exceptional feat, and one that takes a lot of special performances individually and collectively in order to happen.

    Some of these special games will take place during the regular season, while some players will rise to the occasion during the most important part of the season—the playoffs.

    Of course, the usual suspects appear in this piece, such as Dwight Howard, the King, and even one team that might come together to smash a very difficult record. Some veterans make an appearance as well, as sometimes it's not the star-studded individuals who set all the records, but specialty players who have long been regarded the best at what they do.

    That's all I will say for now, and if you disagree with any of these or would like to voice 10 records you think could happen instead, definitely feel free to.

No. 10: Most Free Throws Attempted in a Quarter in a Regular Season

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    New Record Set By: Kobe Bryant - 18

    [Record Held by Vince Carter - 16]

    With the NBA now intensifying its referee situation by giving its refs more leeway to call technical fouls at a higher rate, don’t be surprised if you see a record number of free throw attempts this coming year.

    Add on the fact that everybody knows that star treatment exists in the league—and the poster boy for this belief is Mr. Kobe “don’t breathe on him or it’s a foul” Bryant—one could see the record of most free throws attempted in a game broken this year.

    Not to take anything away from Kobe—he’s undeniably the most talented player in the game today—but he definitely gets a ridiculous number of foul calls just because he’s, well, Kobe. I have a feeling that if anyone will break this record this season, it has to be Kobe, or it doesn’t get broken at all. So let's go with 18 on this one.

No. 9: Most Three-Pointers Made in a Regular Season

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    New Record Set By: Kyle Korver – 275

    [Record held by Ray Allen – 269]

    Besides being called Ashton Kutcher on an annoyingly consistent basis, Korver is also known as a specialty player who possesses one of the most coveted shots in the league. It’s quick, it looks beautiful, and he shoots with confidence.

    Now, signing with the revamped Chicago Bulls (Carlos Boozer is a huge addition), Korver could see an increase in shots.

    After notching the NBA record for best three-point percentage in a regular season last season (53.6 percent), Korver seems primed to topple another now with a new squad. It will certainly take a lot of shots and a massive number of minutes to get to this new mark, but after how well he performed last year, it appears the Bulls will make use of Korver’s lethal jumper quite often this year.

No. 8: Most Three-Pointers Made in a Regular Season Game

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    Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    New Record Set By: J.R. Smith – 13

    [Record held by Kobe Bryant and Donyell Marshall - 12]

    Now that Carmelo Anthony appears likely to leave Denver at some point this season, J.R. could see an increase in minutes this year.

    As a result of Melo’s impending departure, much of the offensive slack might be directly tied to Smith, who has proven to be a trigger-happy player throughout his sometimes controversial career.

    This is why he might go nuts one game, and I’m saying he nets 13 threes during one game just because he has never seen a shot he doesn’t like. The Nuggets will be looking for an offensive force on the perimeter when they inevitably say goodbye to Melo, and J.R. could very well be that guy as long as he stays out of trouble.

No. 7: Most Free Throws Attempted in A Playoff Game

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    New Record Set By: Dwight Howard - 42

    [Record held by Shaquille O’Neal – 39]

    It’s no secret that Dwight Howard is not the best foul shooter in the world. A career 59.9 percent shooter from the foul line, Howard is looking like the second coming of Shaquille O’Neal—a dominant inside presence who thrives a few feet away from the basket but whose foul shooting form is cringe-worthy.

    Maybe the way to beat the Magic in some crucial playoff games will be to foul Dwight nonstop, employing the “Hack-a-Shaq” method that is generally viewed as cheap but effective.

    If Dwight keeps shooting a poor percentage from the line throughout the regular season, it won’t be totally shocking to see him potentially shoot a record number of free-throw attempts during the playoffs this coming season.

No. 6: Quickest Disqualification

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    New Record Set By: Pau Gasol – Two Minutes

    [Record held by Bubba Wells – Three Minutes]

    Now hear me out. This might not happen, and I fully admit I’m going out a limb on this one.

    Since news came out about the NBA encouraging their officials to “T” up players more frequency, I began to wonder, “Who is the one player that goes to the refs the most to contest calls?”

    The first name that came to mind is Pau’s. During every Laker game I’ve watched, whenever the guy misses a post shot, he is always heard yelling like he just got shot or seen beseeching the refs for their view of the play.

    He can’t get away with this for too much longer, and if he loses his cool real early, don’t be shocked to see a super quick ejection. It might not be him, but if the NBA is going to be as uptight this coming year as they’re saying, don’t be surprised if it happens to somebody with a temper.

No. 5: Most Three-Pointers Made in a Playoff Game

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    New Record Set By: Ray Allen - 11

    [Record held by Rex Chapman, Vince Carter, and Allen - Nine]

    As Allen once again proved this past season, he is a workhorse who doesn’t tire easily. By already tying the record for this category, Allen has shown the last couple years that he is becoming a player who focuses on draining threes more than anything else.

    His super-quick shot is what allows him to do this, as well as his ability to run around in circles around the court before he gets open.

    As he showed in Game 2 of the NBA Finals this past year, he can still get hot from outside (he shot 8-of-11 for the game from three-ball range).

    Now, with the big three approaching their last years together, it’s not totally out of the question that Ray-Ray will really go off one game. I’m saying he nails a record 11 threes one game next May, further cementing the fact that he is one of the best shooters of all time to play in the NBA.

No. 4: Fewest Points Per Game Average for Regular Season

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    New Record Set By: Cleveland Cavaliers - 80.7

    [Record held by '98-99 Chicago Bulls - 81.9]

    Okay, come on, this really has a good chance of happening. Losing the reigning MVP has caused Cleveland to feel betrayed and now indifferent towards their Cavaliers.

    Not that you can blame them—the Cavs are now primed to be one of the worst teams in the league this season unless they can acquire a star, which appears doubtful right now.

    Antawn Jamison, while a very good player, doesn’t have the talent to carry a team on his back, and Mo Williams is still very upset at losing his No. 1 guy.

    Because of limited offensive weapons and suffering from one of the worst things that could happen to one’s team, the Cavaliers will set the record for the lowest points per game average in the history of the NBA.

No. 3: Most Blocks in a Quarter of a Regular Season Game

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    New Record Set By: Dwight Howard - Nine

    [Record held by Manute Bol (Twice), Dikembe Mutombo, and Erick Dampier – Eight]

    This must be Dwight’s year, setting two NBA records, with this one being the more impressive feat obviously.

    It’s widely believed that he is already the best defender in the game, thanks to his big hands and a knack for knowing where most shots go up from a few feet away from the basket.

    I’m saying he goes nuts one game, wreaking havoc on one team with a poor post player. Dwight has shown before that he can put up monster numbers when called upon, and one has to figure he’s going to be very motivated this coming year with his divisional rival, the Miami Heat, becoming a title favorite.

No. 2: Most Field Goals Made in a Playoff Game

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    New Record Set By: LeBron James - 26

    [Record held by Wilt Chamberlain, John Havlicek, and Michael Jordan – 24]

    Speaking of motivation, does anyone in the league sound as motivated as LeBron James right now? This guy has apparently been doing what you shouldn’t be doing, listening to the media and other opinions that have repeatedly bashed him for “ditching” Cleveland to pursue a title with two of his good friends.

    The Heat will undoubtedly be the best team in the East this year (sorry Celtics fans), and the team will definitely be looking to prove a lot of critics wrong especially when the postseason kicks in.

    With all the anger bottled up inside Bron, one has to figure he’ll make his mark in multiple ways this next postseason with arguably the strongest supporting cast ever assembled. While he won’t necessarily be asked to carry the load all the time, I’m saying Bron breaks off a huge, record-breaking game next playoffs.

No. 1: Best Record in Regular Season

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    New Record Set by Miami Heat - Going 73-9

    [72-10 by '95-96 Chicago Bulls]

    After much thought, there’s no way this team doesn’t break the Bulls’ record unless they get lazy near the end of the year to keep from injuring their star players.

    Try going through the Heat’s schedule and naming 10 losses all year. I had a tough time since this team has been crafted exceptionally well by Pat Riley.

    Love them or hate them, the Heat will be all we hear about during this coming season, and we won’t stop hearing about them until they break this record most feel they have a good chance of breaking this upcoming year.

    That is, until we start hearing about if Bron can finally win a title when the playoffs start.