Buffalo Vs. Miami Could Become Toronto Vs. Miami

Taylor SmithCorrespondent IAugust 14, 2008

I'm sorry but it's true. Our beloved Buffalo Bills could be moving, not to another city but to another country. What does that mean for us beloved Bills fans?

It means that instead of having to drive for 30 minutes now it will take us three hours (including customs) to see our favorite team. Not only will they be moving but most of our home games this year will be in Toronto.

I think this means it's time to say goodbye to an era, the era of the Bills. From our early success including going to the Super Bowl three times in a row to now our fighting home stands, we have all been faithful to our Bills no matter if the season has been a success or a disappointment.

Goodbye to nice new Ralph Wilson Stadium, goodbye to all the names inside of the stadium,goodbye to the heated seat way up in the nose bleed section. And of course goodbye to Santa Claus and Elvis. I'll miss you guys.

But that won't mean we'll come in droves to Toronto to face Canada's army of four (or less, just kidding I love Canada) in order to cheer our Bills on. I'll be there, I won't let boundaries stop me. But...As for Buffalo you might want to say bye. For most of us though they will ALWAYS be the Buffalo Bills.

In Memory of the BUFFALO Bills 1959-2008.