Arkansas: The Dirtiest Football Team in the SEC: Updated

Colin Contributor ISeptember 28, 2010

Last year it was Hightower with a season ending injury, after a cheapshot he took from an Arkansas blocker.

This year it's Marcell Dareus as the victim to another obvious dirty attempt to ruin a players career, from an Arkansas blocker. 


Not sure what these guys problem is, but Arkansas has no character. And it starts at the top with their coach.  And all the way to the team leader Ryan Mallet.  I have no respect for this football program, whatsoever.

When asked about the cut block, Dareus said:  "When he did that I looked at him like, 'Are you trying to take me out of the game? You already see I'm hurt,'" Dareus said. "He just looked at me crazy like he didn't care. That's how some players play. It don't really bother me it just shows the ignorance on some players when they see a person down and they still try to kick him when there's no reason to."

You can clearly see the attitude in the guy, clearly intending to injure Dareus.  Just look at the way he looks at Dareus, spearing for the lower leg.  Like a boxer trying to finish off a bleeding cut over the eye of his opponent. 

Down here in Alabama we call this common sense.  This is one of the dirtiest plays on an Alabama player, that I have seen in a long time.

Thank God Dareus isn't hurt anymore than he is, and still has a career in football.