Put A Plus in the Win Column

greg pitschSenior Analyst IAugust 14, 2008

Last Friday marked the beginning of the Oakland Raiders 2008 Campaign. I know we are still weeks from the actual opener, but this was the first appearance in front of us, the fans. I was as anxious as anyone.



After the scoreless first quarter, I was getting nauseous, but still thinking that the Raiders would soon come out of the shell. JaMarcus Russell, had a brief but positive outing, and McFadden was looking sharp. When the Forty Niners were punting the ball to us for what seemed to be the twentieth time in the first half, the spark finally came.



Johnnie Lee Higgins Returned a punt for 53 yards, and it looked as if he was basically untouched. This is when the crowd turned into a thunderous roar, as he flipped in the endzone. This seemed to get the whole team fired up as well.



After that touchdown, the defense went on to create a few more turnovers, but that is just part of the story that followed. It was our offense that just kept on rolling. Michael Bush was rumbling down field on a dump-off pass, and he continually fought for extra yardage. He proved to the Nation that he can be our short yardage back, or even be plugged into the equation for goal-line formations.



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