Beck and McCown moving on ?

Rob SteeleCorrespondent IAugust 14, 2008

 Monday and Tuesdays Practice after a lack of production in Saturday night's loss to the Tampa Bay Bucs, showed both Chads (Pennington and Henne) hogging all of the reps. Josh McCown and John Beck watched from the sidelines.

When asked why McCown and Beck were not getting snaps, Sparano said he's seen enough of the two throughout training camp and over the summer.

"I've seen an awful lot of them. I'm starting to get a pretty good picture one-way or the other. I need to see, certainly more Chad Pennington," Sparano said. "We need to get him more familiar with what it is that we're doing out there and let the players become a little bit more friendly with him."

According to Sparano, the team doesn't have a plan for which two quarterbacks will receive the bulk of the workload during Saturday night's exhibition game against Jacksonville. But Sparano made it clear Pennington will be in the mix, if not start.

Wednesday spawned rumors of Becks release and other uncertanties. Obviously this is a rumor as Beck was on the practice field today, however a league source told me that the Dolphins definitely have been calling many other teams of late in an effort to trade Beck.

Sparano comments: "No, I mean there's a lot of rumors in this business and as I'm finding out down here, there's a lot of rumors that circle period. I don't mean that in a negative way about you (media). This guy is here from Dallas, that guy is here from this place, there all rumors. No, John will be out at practice today."

It looks as though McCown and Beck will need to show something impressive against the Jaguars this Saturday night or else we may have to watch them in the AFL.