WWE's "IWC" Gets Attacked By Me: One Man's Bashing Is Another Man's Insult

RipperCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2010

Daniel Bryan, John Morrison, John Cena, The PG Era, and all of the horrible ideas many [of you] produce. Yeah, I'm that guy. 

Now, I’d like to add that I am, by all matter of fact, a pretentious guy, even though I may not like to believe so, I am. I’m going to try and start this article off without seeming bias at all for any reason you may think I am being biased.

I’m not a hater for the sake of hating, and I don’t argue a point that I don’t believe to be true, and I’m also very open to everyone’s point of view, but sometimes, what I read on here makes me say out loud, “Are you serious?”


Firstly, Daniel Bryan.

Please, whomever, stop referring to him as Bryan Danielson (even though it does sound better, and it’s also his real name) when in an article based off of what he does inside a WWE ring.

A good example (only an example, so as to not criticize others B/R work) would be when writers write such things as: “I’m going to refer to him as Danielson for this article as I refuse to call him Daniel Bryan”...why?

Why, not refer to Triple H as Paul Levesque? I, personally hate the name Justin Gabriel (and Justin Angel) so why don’t I refer to him as Paul Floyd Jr. as it sounds better, right?

I’m sure you just answered my question and made yourself a hypocrite (unless you’re siding with me, good for you!).

And please spare me the whole independent-wrestling love orgy and respect for indy wrestling thing, I get it, they all mostly want to be legitimate wrestlers.

However, referring to Bryan Danielson as such purely makes you seem like a classic, text book, un-original, fat, cliché, internet fan boy and I’ve had enough of it.

It’s Daniel Bryan and get used to it. If they were gonna change it to Bryan Danielson they would have done so after the night he was eliminated from NXT when he cut that awesome promo of which he stated that his name is Bryan Danielson and he is the greatest, was basically what he said.

Secondly, John Morrison.

Just to prove my point on how annoying it is to read a douche referring to a wrestler in the WWE by their real name I’m going to demonstrate throughout the rest of this article. John Hennigan (I refuse to call him John Morrison) is great for flipping around and all that jazz.

He is ripped like my math’s test was back in the seventh grade when I decided I really can’t do math (so now my knowledge of mathematics only goes as far as the sixth grade), and he has a pretty boy look that really melts many fans' hearts as the guy they wish they could look like and the man they can’t look like...a man crush, effectively.

The common debate to Hennigan’s push (his mic skills are horrible)...well, I agree. Are you forgetting something else? Yes. He is lame.

This new Spiderman crap his gimmick is becoming based off of was cool like 5 years ago, we’ve all moved on from Parkour.

How about his moveset’s names? Starship Pain? Is he a fan of that band Cobra Starship because they’re just as lame as he, and that’d make a ton of sense?

Yes, his run as ECW champ and matches with C.M. Punk were decent, but he can’t ever become a World Heavywight Champion. I’m a naysayer all the way with Hennigan and I always will be.

I always knew Mizanin (I refuse to call him The Miz) would surpass Hennigan and was called crazy when I opened my mouth and said so.

If Hennigan were to attempt to “reach for that brass ring” not only would he need a new gimmick (and a beard doesn’t cut it – so cut it) he’d need a new attire and a year long training session on the mic, by who else better but Mizanin...so that was I could also laugh at the irony. By the way, the next HBK… Really?


Thirdly, John Cena.

C’mon you’ve bared the article so far, and it is a long one but I’ll keep this short in the interest of time.

John Cena (Oh wait, his name is John Cena) can wrestle whether you like it or not, you’ve seen his early work (I hope, if you’re saying that he can’t wrestle) when he wore his little speedo briefs and had that darn horrible hair.

You’ve maybe seen some of his greater matches (one that springs to mind is Cena VS HBK re-re-match on Raw as the bragging rights match...no affiliation to the PPV) and you’ve seen him show life of his ability to wrestle here, there, and all over the place...so lay off of Cena for that.

Do I have to remind you of many similar-ish wrestlers to Cena? Steve Williams (Steve Austin), Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), and Terry Bollea (Hulk Hogan). All these men were considered, at one time, to be the face of the WWE, all these men had the same amount of moves in their saddlebag (some had less) and yet you all mostly respect these guys. Why?

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say it’s because of the whole “they turned heel thing” or even “The Rock and Austin were during the Attitude Era,” to that statement I simply say this: I just can’t be bothered, you’re a lost cause.

But I can be bothered with this last rant...


The PG Era.

Call it what you will, I’d prefer the Cena Era, but hey, do what you want with the name stuff. We all know the whole “The Attitude Era was in PG as well” thing right? Well it was, so I’ll just not go there.

Now let’s look at it all in retrospect. The product is good. The wrestling is better then ever. Yes, I’d like to see some more things we could have in a PG rating.

Hell, "How I Met Your Mother" gets away with more than the WWE does these days. But look, this’ll all end very soon so don’t worry.

And yes, I do think creative have dropped the ball quite a bit, maybe WWE should go and get some actual writers up in there!

However, to bring it all down to one word, one word that we all toss around so much in the IWC, it’s this damn simple: “business.”

I’m not going to give you the spiel on how it all works because I don’t know, I don’t work backstage for the WWE, I don’t work at head office for the WWE, neither does anyone else who writes for B/R or writes for the IWC for that matter.

So let’s stop the pretending of know-it-all-ism and start assuming instead. I’m sick of seeing a guy telling me why the WWE product sucks, how it’s the PG ratings fault and how much better the Attitude Era was.

Look guys, love me or hate me. This is the B/R. The best thing about this place is a guy like me can go on here, rant about one of the few things I truly love and get away with it.

I love freedom of speech, I love pro wrestling, and I love the Bleacher Report.

Thanks for sticking through this article if you have. If you haven’t then stop skipping to the end and go back up and read it! If you gave up reading it and are posting a hurtful comment, go for it!


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