Melis Peters Jr.Contributor IAugust 14, 2008

31 OR 38 Does the jersy number really matter? No it dosn't some may say it does but truly it is just a mind thing if you ask me. Cowboy safety Roy Willams has decided to go back to his College number 38 after wearing the number 31 since he has been in the NFL. If he feels like he will play more like the Oklahoma Willams and less like the Willams we have witness the last couple of season then BLESS HIS HEART!!!!!!!! What he should ask if he could play closer to the line so he can stop the run and pressure the quarterback,since the league has enforced the horse collar rule was added a few seasons ago because of  the injury to then Philadelphia Eagle and now Dallas Cowboys WR T Owens.That style was perfected by Roy and he was able to bring down a reciver but with out that WR have been out running,out juking,and plain just making him look bad in the secondary. I believe Roy's strongest point is closer to the line of scrimmage,Another reasoning for his lack of aggression is the fact Roy Willams has learned a better way to channel his aggression by prayer and meditation which is a good thing but he has let it be know that he re-dedicated his life to God and now feels at peace with him self,if he could just find that switch that he can turn on and off when time to play.