The Young and Old WWE Superstars, Who Could Be The Next Who?

Michael OrteigaCorrespondent ISeptember 27, 2010

The Young and Old WWE Superstars, Who Could Be The Next Who?

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    Nearly all of us saw a few superstars on Raw or SmackDown who were impressive in either their in-ring work or mic skills, and we told ourselves, this guy could be the next.........

    Now before you read this, be sure to know that all the veterans of the WWE cannot be replaceable by anyone. For they have given us moments that could never be forgot, but there could be someone who resembles someone else, and i will make sure that they made my list.

Ted DiBiase Jr. – Ted DiBiase Sr.

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    He is a Two Time World Tag Team Champion with Cody Rhodes and is the current Million Dollar Champion.

    Now let’s be honest, as soon as we saw Ted Jr. walking out with the Million Dollar Championship, the first thing that went through our minds is the Million Dollar man Ted DiBiase Sr.

    Ted Jr. has a very bright future, and the fact that he is holding the Million Dollar Championship is making me even more excited on finding out who is going to challenge him for the title.

    Currently Ted’s last appearance was in a match against R-Truth and Eve, while he teamed up with Maryse. Before that it was a dance and sing contest against R-Truth and Eve. If that isn’t stupid enough, there is some kind of a story line that tells us that there is a secret admirer that is in love with….. Ted? Or Maryse?

    As boring as that might be I am just waiting until the WWE creative team does something exciting with Ted’s character, and comparing it with his father’s character would make it even more exciting.

Dolph Ziggler – Curt Henning

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    He is a one time Tag Team Champion and is the current Intercontinental Champion having won it for the first time.

    You may remember him as being Nicky from the Spirit Squad, they (Kenny and Mikey) beat The Big Show and Kane for the World Tag Team Championship, but all five members of the Spirit Squad were recognized as Champions.

    Lately Ziggy has been feuding with Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Championship, having defended it against Kofi for about 679,835 times (in a row).

    Now Dolph’s character is perfection, having white hair, and an 8/10 in-ring performance. Makes him the closest thing to the late Mr. Perfect Curt Henning(RIP). 

Skip Sheffield – David Batista

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    The Silverback Gorilla Skip Sheffield has certainly made an impact on Monday Night Raw. Though currently being injured, a lot said that Skip alongside Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel might be the only three members of The Nexus that would make it to the main event if The Nexus breaks up.

    Being described as a muscle head and the powerhouse of the Nexus, Skip has the in-ring skills and the mic skills that would elevate him to be a mainstay in the main event.

    Resembling Batista in his Juiced up figure makes him in some way as the next Dave Batista. Though dropping the name “Skip”, and using his own name Ryan Reeves could add some more seriousness into his character.

Alberto Del Rio – JBL

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    He first appeared on Smackdown on a pre-taped promo as Alberto Del Rio, claiming to be the “only real honest man”.

    I first time I saw him i was a bit excited about having a new Luchador in the WWE, and I knew for sure that he was going to feud with Rey Mysterio.

    On his debut night, he came in a white Bentley and his own in-ring announcer. I don’t know about you, but as soon as I saw Del Rio threatening Christian that he is going to make him clean his house, the first thing that popped up in my mind was…….. JBL!

Jack Swagger – Kurt Angle

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    Now let’s get one thing straight, no one can be as good as the 1996 Gold medalist Kurt Angle. I mean the guy has been called the best in the business by Bruno Sammartino himself!

    Back to Jack Swagger,

    He is a one-time ECW World Champion (Feel free to call it a World Championship), and he won the Money In The Bank Ladder match at Wrestlemania XXVI, only to cash in the briefcase 2 days later on Chris Jericho to be also called a one time World Heavyweight Champion.

    At the beginning of Jack Swaggers’ career on Monday Night Raw, we saw a running smiley face Jack Swagger which was known for doing pushups and beating his chest during his ring entrance (Which I miss). After he won his championship he became somehow stale in his character, and had one hell of a losing streak in his none-title matches.

    Then surprisingly we saw him perform a Leg Lock on the Big Show! And I said to myself, not only do Swagger and Angle have the same Attire and somehow a serious persona, but the same Submission move!?!?!?

    Though the WWE looked like they were trying to create a cheap knock-off of Kurt Angle, we could only hope the best for the All-American, American, American, American, American, American, American, *sigh* American.

The Big Show – Andre the Giant

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    He is a 2 time WCW World Champion, a 3 time WCW Tag Team Champion, a 1 time ECW World Champion, a 7 time WWE/World Tag Team Champion, a 1 time United States Champion, a 3 time WWF Hardcore Champion, and a 2 time WWE Champion. And he is the only man who has ever held the WCW, WWE, and ECW Championships.

    Other than having an impressive number of championship reigns he is billed by the WWE as “The World’s Largest Athlete”.

    The Big Show has been referenced by many as “The Other Giant”, resembling Andre in his size and weight.

    On the Eddie Guerrero tribute episode of Monday Night Raw, we saw a 7ft 500lb giant crying his heart out for Eddie(RIP). Which proved that not only does the Big Show resembles Andre physically, but he is a big man with a big heart just like Andre(RIP).      

John Cena – Hulk Hogan

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    He is a 7 time WWE Champion, a 2 time World Heavyweight Champion and a Tag Team Champion, a 3 time United States Champion, and the winner of the 2008 Royal Rumble.

    Just like Hulk Hogan has lead us into Hulkamania, John Cena has lead the WWE into the PG Era.

    Resembling Hogan in his crappy in-ring work, and being liked by all the 8-12 year olds in the whole universe, we could pretty much state that both Hogan and Cena like them children……… wait what?

    One last massage to Cena, as you may think that a Five-Knuckle Shuffle is a Wrestling move, though I don’t like to judge but some people think of the FKS as a way to fulfill a certain need when there is nobody to do it for them (anyone above 12 years old probably knows what am talking about).

Sheamus – Triple H

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    I AM THE CELTIC WARRIOR! I have ended careers, I have dominated Raw, and I have became the first ever Irish born WWE Champion (Twice).

    That pretty much sums up what Sheamus is all about.

    And why could he be the next Triple H?

    Well the first time I saw Sheamus on Raw, he pretty much kicked everyone in the head (from Cena to the Cameraman). And during a stale PG program we had a guy who represented attitude that no one had. And for some reason I saw a young Triple H in him.

    And am pretty sure that if he won the WWE Championship cleanly, and was given credibility, aside from sleeping with the boss’s daughter, with his attitude he could be the next Triple H.

The Miz – The Rock

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    Dare I compare the Awesome One with the Great One!?! Well I did.

    He is a 4 time Tag Team Champion, a 2 time United States Champion, and the winner of the Raw Money In The Bank Ladder Match in July, 2010.

    Now it is no mystery that The Miz is to say the least above average when given a mic.

    With his arrogance and Awesome sense of humor he represents himself as the new Rocky of 2010. Though he doesn’t have as much Catch phrases as the Rock has, he is the Awesome One.  Being in a feud against the American Dragon Daniel Bryan, gave him more TV time. And if he could use that to his advantage, we could see the new Rock in the making.  

John Morrison – Shawn Michaels

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    The Shaman of Sexy, The Guru of Greatness, and The Monday Night Delight John Morrison is a five time Tag Team Champion, a three time Intercontinental Champion, and a one time ECW World Champion.

    Now JoMo isn’t doing anything significant on RAW though he had a great match with Chris Jericho and Sheamus. A lot of the WWE fans are waiting for the John Morrison push that currently doesn’t seem like it is happening any time soon. Now if that push happens to occur, in my opinion it should be presented in one form only. And that form of a push is to give JoMo a new in-ring attire, a new theme song, and a new showstopper attitude.

    With that push we could be easily witnessing a new HBK in the making.