Predicting The Rest Of Texas' Football Season

Keenan WomackContributor IIIJune 20, 2016

Predicting The Rest Of Texas' Football Season

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    34-12 loss. At home. Against an average UCLA Bruins team. Five turnovers. A muffed punt inside the five yard line.

    Our worst fears about this team have been realized; Texas is not elite. Hell, they may not even be average.

    Our runningbacks can't get loose, our receivers drop passes or catch passes and lose yards, our quarterback can't deliver passes that allow receivers to make plays. Our special teams play stupid.

    Garrett Gilbert's passes get tipped, intercepted and occasionally returned for touchdowns. He gets enough time to pass the ball, yet he often panics and begins to scramble before a play even breaks down.

    We got hammered, and I mean hammered, at home by a team that will at best be 8-4 at the end of the season.

    Our team has no confidence. They lack pride, and they don't show any signs of turning it around in time for the Red River Shootout next week in Dallas.

    Unless something explodes in the next few weeks, Texas will look awful all year.

    Based on what we've seen so far, here's some predictions at the rest of the Longhorns' football season. May God help us all.

Week 5: Red River Shootout Against #8 Oklahoma

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    OU didn't look good last week. In fact, they looked pretty average. They haven't looked that great all year other than their blasting of Florida State at home. Their defense didn't look lockdown, DeMarco Murray has lost a step since his injury last season, and their offensive line doesn't look stellar.

    Fortunately for them, Texas is even worse. At least the Sooners seem to have a sense of pride, something that this year's Longhorn team lacks.

    With Texas' complete lack of confidence following the egg they laid against the Bruins, I find it difficult to believe that they're going to be able to top Oklahoma on a neutral field next week.

    You never know, because it's the Red River Shootout, but I'm expecting nothing short of a complete mauling of Texas.

    Oklahoma wins 28-10. I have no clue why I would give Texas a touchdown, because the way that they played against an extremely mediocre defense in their own backyard, I can easily see them getting shutout by their hated rivals.

Week 6: Big Red Revenge, At #6 Nebraska

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    The week 6 game in Lincoln may be the toughest game we have to play all year for a few reasons:

    1. Nebraska's quarterback Taylor Martinez is a great runner, and if you look at the UCLA game last week, Will Muschamp's defenses don't exactly shut down running quarterbacks. Norm Chow's bootleg calls killed our already tired defense, a defense that will very likely spend lots of time on the field.

    2. Nebraska's defense is awesome. If you thought that Ndamukong Suh was the only real defender on that team last year, you thought wrong. Prince Amukamara is an All-American level talent, and if Akeem Ayers from UCLA can wreck our offensive line, just wait until Jared Crick gets a crack at it.

    3. This is the biggest regular season game to Nebraska fans this season. After last year's loss to UT in the Big XII Championship game, Husker fans have been dying for revenge. This time around, it looks like Bo Pelini's squad is going to be able to give the Big Red Nation exactly what they want.

    This will very likely be a big loss for Texas. Nebraska is like a better version of UCLA on both sides of the ball: better running backs, a better running quarterback and a better defense that can create more turnovers than the Bruins could even hope to.

    And with the added bonus that the game is in a war zone known as Lincoln, Nebraska, Texas could have a major blowout on their hands.

    Score: Although the Big Red didn't exactly tear it up against South Dakota State last week, their adrenaline going in to this game will be enough to make it a blowout. 35-10, 42-10, 28-3 NU.

Week 7: Vs. Iowa State

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    Finally a game that looks pretty winnable for Texas, following a brutal stretch of games that looks like the Longhorns may emerge winless from.

    Iowa State has been having the same problems that Texas has offensively, having set the season high for points at 27 against Northern Illinois and again against Northern Iowa.

    When the most you can manage against a directional school in your own stadium is 27, you know that your offense has issues.

    Texas' defense will shut down an extremely mediocre offense in their own stadium, and finally get a win after dropping three straight.

    Score: Either 35-7, 28-7, or 24-3. They'll win by anywhere from 28 points to 21 points.

Week 8: Sic 'Em Bears, Vs. Baylor

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    Robert Griffin is pretty good. He has Linear Sampson to throw the ball to, and is athletic enough to escape the pocket.

    Unfortunately, the rest of the team isn't up to his level.

    Baylor isn't very good this year. Texas Christian beat them by four touchdowns in Waco, and kept Robert Griffin from making anything big happen.

    I'm not trying to compare Texas' level to TCU's. I hate to admit it, but the Horned Frogs are better than the Longhorns. But the defensive levels of play are very comparable; one may even give a slight edge to Texas in that department.

    Texas' offense, despite being as bad as it gets, will still be able to put enough points on the board to get the win. It won't be as easy as many fans would like, but it will be a win.

    Score: 31-7, 28-14, 21-10 Texas. The Longhorns are more talented on both sides of the ball (other than quarterback and possibly wide receiver).

Week 9: Slayed in Manhattan, At Kansas State

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    Over the last few years, Kansas State has gotten under Texas' skin. They're the team that handed the Texas basketball team their first loss and sent them spiraling into oblivion and they've beaten us the last two times we've played them in football.

    Well, it looks like you're going to be able to make that 0-2 record 0-3.

    Kansas State has a player that will single-handedly beat Texas: Daniel Thomas.

    Thomas is the best running back in the Big XII. He's better than Mike Goodson, Kendall Hunter and DeMarco Murray. He is one of the best backs in the entire NCAA, and, as you know, Texas seems to always have trouble stopping the power running game (Alabama, UCLA).

    Manhattan, Kansas seems to have some anti-Texas magic or something, and with the lack of confidence in road games that will come from the loss to Nebraska, Texas will fail to get a win against the Wildcats.

    Score: 28-17, 21-14, 21-10 Kansas State. Neither team will score a lot, but the Wildcats will score touchdowns thanks to Thomas.

Week 10: Vs. Oklahoma State

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    Texas will face two of the best backs in the Big XII in consecutive weeks. Fortunately for Texas, the defense tends to play well against speedy, pass-catching running backs as opposed to a power runner like Mark Ingram or Daniel Thomas.

    The Oklahoma State game looks winnable for Texas. Mainly because the Pokes' defense allowed Troy State to score 38 points against them at home. Now, Texas' offense is terrible, but I'll bet that it can put up more points than the Troy Trojans can.

    Texas' defense will be able to shut down Kendall Hunter before he gets rolling. Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden has had some great numbers so far, but they were against mediocre teams like Washington State (possibly the worst team in the NCAA), Troy State and Tulsa.

    Score: 28-7, 35-7, 21-3 Texas. I think that the Longhorns will be able to swallow up the Cowboys. But, the rivalry between the two teams has created some crazy games.

    If Texas allows themselves to get down big, as they often do against Oklahoma State, don't expect a big second half comeback. We go down, we're down for the count.

Week 11: Repreive Game, Vs. Florida Atlantic

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    This is the most winnable game on the schedule. This is the closest game all year that Texas has to a "gimme" victory.

    Florida Atlantic, who will have been playing C-USA football all year, will not be up to par with the competition Texas has been facing.

    FAU's weak conference will hurt their chances to beat Texas on the road.

    Score: 35-0, 38-3, 28-3 Texas. No doubts about this one.

Week 12: Aggy Comes to Town, Backyard Brawl Ensues: Vs. Texas A&M

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    Our agricultural friends demonstrating their rich "tradition." Source:,r:1,s:0&tx=34&ty=62

    Sitting in his metal seat, the sweat beads at his brown before creeping down his nose. His ill-fitting jean overalls with the "aTm" symbol embroidered into them is stained from his sweating. His stench pervades the air around his being, forcing his neighbors to fight their gag reflexes and cover their noses. With his index finger jammed straight up his nose, he sits, oblivious of his surroundings and the fool he makes himself look like. He is the Aggy fan, and he is loud and proud.

    As bad as Texas has been, Aggie's been bad as well. It took a three-touchdown fourth quarter to come back and beat... Florida International.

    The game is in Austin, Aggy looks average in all aspects of the game other than running back and defensive end. The biggest problem for Texas will be defending against Von Miller.

    Miller is a better version of Akeem Ayers, the defensive end that killed Texas in UCLA's upset last week.

    This game will be dubbed the "Big Pillow Fight." Neither team will be relevant at this point in the season, and it will all be about pride.

    Score: This is actually a toss up. If Ayers can destroy Texas like he did, then I expect Von Miller to do the same. If the game were at Kyle Field, then I would pick A&M, but I don't know now that the game's in Austin.

Postseason Game: Holiday Bowl, Vs. Washington

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    Texas' average will end with a game against the Huskies and Jake Locker in San Diego. Not a bad bowl, considering how down this team looks to be at this point.

    Unless Jake Locker steps it up in this game, I can see Texas finishing 8-4 on the season with a win over the Huskies in the Holiday Bowl. Take that, Austin-Seferian Jenkins!

    I can also see a couple of games not going our way this year, and us ending up at 7-5 or even 6-6. I think that 7-4 regular season is an accurate guess, however.

    Score: I think that Texas' defense shuts down Locker and the Husky offense. Texas will cap off the season on a four game winning streak, and some momentum going into next year.