NFL Jerks By The Numbers

Gene Siudut@@GeneSiudutContributor IIISeptember 27, 2010

NFL Jerks By The Numbers

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    Men acting like privileged boys and untouchable, above-the-law menaces is nothing new.

    Today's NFL seems to come down hard on anyone who disgraces The Shield, but that doesn't mean that the crop of jerks is any smaller than usual.

    A touchdown here or a sack there and many fans forget, or even excuse disgraceful behavior by their hometown heroes.

    Here are some shameful athletes, by the numbers...

Michael Vick: 3

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    3 = The number of touchdowns it took for Michael Vick to throw against the hapless Jaguars for Eagles fans to crown him the chosen one of Philadelphia.

    During the broadcast, John Lynch even noted that Vick, the dog killer, was a changed man—on and off the field.

    Getting a second chance to be a millionaire is no indication of remorse or regret. Who wouldn't do whatever was needed to get back into the NFL?

    As my mom used to say: "He's not sorry. He's sorry he got caught."

Braylon Edwards: 1

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    1 = The number of persons killed by Donte Stallworth in a DUI that Braylon Edwards did not learn from.

    Braylon Edwards was recently pulled over for the tint on his car and subsequently arrested for drunk driving at 5:30 a.m. Edwards, who has been cited too many times to mention here for speeding (once for going 120 MPH in a 65 MPH Zone) was drinking with Donte Stallworth the fateful night Stallworth killed a pedestrian while driving intoxicated.

    This is something that should have affected Edwards deeply.

    It did not.

    The NFL has a safe driver program so its players need not ever drive drunk.

    He did not use it.

Ben Roethlisberger: 4

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    4 = The number of games Ben Roethlisberger was suspended for his despicable conduct in a Georgia nightclub with a 20-year-old co-ed.

    Big Ben felt the need to expose himself to a young lady at a college bar, then follow her into the bathroom where he allegedly forced himself upon the Georgia college student.

    What was the Pittsburgh QB doing in that bar? Even if you believe his consensual version of the story, what kind of disrespectful dirt bag would do such a thing? 

    Terry Bradshaw says it best: Big Ben would have received his walking papers.

Albert Haynesworth: 100 Million

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    100 million = number of dollars Albert Haynesworth signed a contract for, including a $21 million signing bonus, only to tank it in practice and miss mandatory meetings when he didn't like the fact that the Redskins would be running a 3-4 defense and he would be playing nose tackle.

    In an interview with 106.7 The Fan in Washington, Haynesworth stated, "I guess in this world we don't have a lot of people with, like, backbones... Just because somebody pay you money don't mean they'll make you do whatever they want or whatever. I mean, does that mean everything is for sale?...I mean, I'm not for sale. Yeah, I signed the contract and got paid a lot of money, but ... that don't mean I'm for sale or a slave or whatever."

    You are right Albert, you are not a slave. You have a choice to do what is asked of you, or give the money back.

Retro-Jerk Lawrence Taylor: 6

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    6 = number of indictments brought down on Lawrence Taylor by the Rockland County District Attorney for an arrest at a Ramapo, NY Holiday Inn where LT allegedly paid a 16-year old-girl $300 to have sex with him.

    LT is another former star who has been forgiven time and time again for his misgivings, but still can't grow up.

    The NFL's greatest line backer ever may also be its biggest jerk ever.

    If I may quote LT in The Waterboy..."Don't smoke crack"