Minnesota Timberwolves' Forward Michael Beasley Is Banishing His Miami Heat Past

Mitch DrofstobCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2017

Marc Serota/Getty Images

In case you have been living under a rock this past summer, the Miami Heat decided to take a new and unheralded approach to building an NBA team, and managed to add LeBron James and Chris Bosh to a roster already containing All-Star Dwyane Wade.

The upside is that they can now realistically contend with the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics for a championship, the downside is that they may have lost a potential All-Star, in Michael Beasley, for a pittance, in making sure it all happened.

Speaking from Mankato, where his new team, the Minnesota Timberwolves, are preparing for the new season, he told the press about his new attitude to life and basketball—including removing the “bad blood” that may have been to blame for the drug problems he had.

He also promises that those in the Target Center will get their money's worth from him.

“Fans will see a hard worker, an energized player, whether we win or lose, I’ll be a fun player to watch.” Beasley said.

After his bad experience at the Miami Heat, and the manner in which he was pushed out of the team, what Beasley needs are patient fans who believe in his ability, and while one can criticize the Target Center for not always being full, the fans inside will be enthusiastic. Fans will also be patient toward their main summer acquisition, especially if he has to play in the small forward position to accommodate Kevin Love.

The wise money would be on one of them being the team MVP, come the end of the season.

In turn, it’s an unerring confidence and star-quality that the Timberwolves need right now. After just 15 wins last season, and the team doing a Benjamin Button and getting younger, a player like Beasley, who is able to drive them forward is just what they need.

I’m aware I’ve criticised him not so long ago for perhaps adding more pressure than was needed onto the Wolves, but now that has blown over, and David Kahn has stopped releasing press statements, the team can be alone to bond and someone like Beasley will be very healthy for the team.

Even Love credits Beasley’s turn around, saying that although he does make jokes, “when it’s time to get serious, he’s down to business."

Timberwolves fans should be excited by this new Beasley fitting into a new Timberwolves team. Now the only THC he wants are some Timberwolves Hoops, and Cheers.