Trent Edwards Released By Buffalo Bills: Five Teams Who May Want The QB

Erik Frenz@ErikFrenzSenior Writer ISeptember 27, 2010

Trent Edwards Released By Buffalo Bills: Five Teams Who May Want The QB

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    The Buffalo Bills surprisingly released Trent Edwards on Monday afternoon—just a week after being benched as the teams starter in favor of Ryan Fitzpatrick.

    Obviously, the Bills brass saw what Fitzpatrick did to the offense and didn't see a need to keep Edwards kicking around. So, less than a month removed from several votes of confidence to the contrary, it appears Chan Gailey has lost faith in his starting quarterback of the first two games.

    Why shouldn't he? Edwards was 29-for-52 for 241 yards, a touchdown, two picks, seven sacks, and a quarterback rating of 73 even. Ryan Fitzpatrick put up better numbers against the Patriots in one game than Edwards did in two against the Miami Dolphins and the Green Bay Packers.

    As expected, though, several teams aren't living up to their expectations. As usual, the quarterback is one of the first ones to catch the blame when that starts to happen.

    Which teams could use Edwards services?

Cleveland Browns

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    As if I need to detail the Browns quarterback woes?

    Jake Delhomme's veteran presence was thought to be the end of a decade-long search for a viable option at quarterback.

    But such was not the case, Delhomme struggled mightily against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week One, going 20-for-37 with a touchdown and two interceptions before an injury sidelined him.

    In that time, Seneca Wallace hasn't been highly productive, either. He's gone 34-for-55 for two touchdowns and a pick in two Cleveland losses.

    The Browns unsuccessfully tried to trade for Kevin Kolb, the recently-benched former one-game starter for the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Trent Edwards may not be of that caliber, but his conservative style of play (Bills fans unlovingly called him "Trent-ative") could work well for the Cleveland Browns—who only want him to be a game manager.

San Francisco 49ers

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    Fans and analysts practically handed the 49ers the division crown during the offseason, but the 49ers have done everything in their power to renounce the crown before ever wearing it.

    An 0-3 start has questions flying around and jobs on the line, as evidenced by offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye's firing just three weeks into the season.

    Alex Smith has been anything but the quarterback that Mike Singletary thought had really turned things around. So far this season, Smith is 72-for-119—just a shade over 60 percent completions—for two touchdowns and five interceptions, while taking seven sacks. He's amassed a horrid 66.2 passer rating in the process.

    Trent Edwards may not be much better, but maybe signing him as a back-up will put Alex Smith in-check.

Arizona Cardinals

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    The Cardinals are 2-1, but they hardly have Derek Anderson to thank for that record. He's completed a miserable 52 percent of his passes, and has a lowly 67.6 passer rating with three touchdowns and three interceptions.

    With that level of play—it's only a matter of time before Anderson costs them a winnable game.

    Edwards has been labeled a conservative, check-down style quarterback, but he's never had a receiver like Larry Fitzgerald to break open the offense.

    Ken Whisenhunt has gone on record as saying that virtually any quarterback can look good throwing the ball to Fitzgerald. Obviously, Matt Leinart isn't "any quarterback". Maybe Trent Edwards is?

New York Jets

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    The Jets have been getting a surprisingly high level of play from their quarterback, Mark Sanchez. Why, then, would they want to take a chance on the lowly Trent Edwards?

    Well, the Jets have developed somewhat of a history of picking up their division rivals' scraps. This includes, but is not limited to, New England Patriots backup quarterback Kevin O'Connell.

    The Jets have made it abundantly clear that they have little to no faith in Kellen Clemens as their quarterback should anything happen to Sanchez, and Edwards is a quarterback in the same mold as the "Sanchize", in that he's more of a conservative check-down style quarterback.

    This move would be as more of an insurance policy than anything else, but it would give Trent Edwards a fresh start with reduced expectations.

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    David Garrard looked like the 2007 version of his former self, throwing three touchdowns and no interceptions against the Denver Broncos in Week 1. Since then, Garrard has been downright anemic, going 28-of-53 for 278 yards, one touchdown, five interceptions, and taking eight sacks.

    Garrard's production has dipped steadily over the years up to this point, which appears to be rock bottom.

    Trent Edwards probably isn't much better of an option in Jacksonville's shoddy offense than Garrard is, but who knows what the future holds. Many will probably call for Jack Del Rio's job this offseason, but if heads start to roll in Jacksonville, David Garrards could be among them.

Will Anyone?

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    Just because teams need a quarterback, and just because it's time for some to hit the Week Three panic button, doesn't mean that Edwards is a sure-fire pick-up in the near future. Chances are some teams will consider it, but will anyone pull the trigger?

    If he couldn't keep the starting job with the Buffalo Bills over journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick, could it be that he's just not starting NFL quarterback material?

    I'd love to get your thoughts on the situation, and any potential landing spots I may have missed.

    Thanks for reading!